Atha in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Atha
Joseph Atha
Thomas Atha
William Atha
Samuel Atha
James Atha
Herbert Atha
Alfred Atha
Fred Atha
Albert Atha
Henry Atha
David Atha
Charles Atha
Benjamin Atha
George Atha
Tom Atha
Arthur Atha
Walter Atha
Ernest Atha
Richard Atha
Jonas Atha
Jno.Wm. Atha
Andrew Atha
Harry Atha
Wilfred Atha
Frederick Atha
Frank Atha
Sydney Atha
Dyson Atha
Saml. Atha
Chas.H. Atha
Bingley Atha
Willie Atha
Agnes Atha
Willey Atha

Top female forenames

Sarah Atha
Elizabeth Atha
Mary Atha
Ann Atha
Annie Atha
Ellen Atha
Margaret Atha
Clara Atha
Martha Atha
Emily Atha
Jane Atha
Edith Atha
Ruth Atha
Betsy Atha
Minnie Atha
Maria Atha
Eliza Atha
Harriet Atha
Charlotte Atha
Rose Atha
Florence Atha
Esther Atha
Alice Atha
Elizth. Atha
Lilly Atha
Lavinia Atha
Effie Atha
Susannah Atha
Herbert Atha
Gertrude Atha
Carrie Atha
Polly Atha
Frances Atha
Ethel Atha
Emma Atha
Adalaide Atha
Lovina Atha
Elizt. Atha
Lena Atha
Violet Atha
Frederick Atha
Caroline Atha
Pheobe Atha
Matilda Atha
Ada Atha

Top occupations

Forgeman Iron Works
Wool Sorter (Woollen)
Cloth Weaver
Forgeman (Iron)
Cloth Presser
Worsted Mender
Woollen Weaver
Flax Spinner
Pupil Teacher (School)
Machine Smith
Pottery Attendant
Coal Miner
Pupil Teacher
Housekeeper (Dom)
Indigo Refiner
Iron Turner (Unemployed)
Iron Turner At Works
Journeyman Plasterer
Worsted Weaver
Grocer And Provision Dealer
Joiner & Builder
Heald Nitter (Woollen)
House Keeper ((Dom))
Iron Dresser (At Forge)
Engine Fitter At Works
Blacksmith Striker
Cap Maker (Hatter)
Cloth Burler
Cloth Finisher
Cook Domst
Domestic (Servt)
Dress Maker
Engine Fitter
Boiler Maker
Engine Fitter Employd
Fitter Empld (Machine)
Foreman Leather Works
Forge Man (Iron)