Athey in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Athey
William Athey
George Athey
Thomas Athey
Robert Athey
Joseph Athey
Christopher Athey
James Athey
Henry Athey
Mark Athey
Charles Athey
Walter Athey
Arthur Athey
Michael Athey
Fred Athey
Mathew Athey
Samuel Athey
Arnold Athey
Willm. Athey
Job Athey
Albert Athey
Rueben Athey
Ralph Athey
Edgar Athey
Chas.Nicholson Athey
Joe Athey
Allen Athey
Jn. Athey
Ths. Athey
Horace Athey
Harry Athey
Rubin Athey
Frederick Athey
Richard Athey
Frank Athey

Top female forenames

Mary Athey
Sarah Athey
Elizabeth Athey
Margaret Athey
Jane Athey
Ann Athey
Isabella Athey
Annie Athey
Eleanor Athey
Clara Athey
Hannah Athey
Ellen Athey
Maria Athey
Fanny Athey
Martha Athey
Lucy Athey
Emily Athey
Agnes Athey
Alice Athey
Elisabeth Athey
Florence Athey
Elizth. Athey
Rachel Athey
Margt. Athey
Lily Athey
Judy Athey
Elleanor Athey
Jennie Athey
Rebecca Athey
Adey Athey
Melina Athey
Ada Athey
Harriett Athey
Edith Athey
Margt.Annie Athey
Catharine Athey
Everlin Athey
Barbra Athey
Susannah Athey
Anne Athey
Kate Athey
Susan Athey
Amy Athey
Judith Athey
Ruth Athey
Eliza Athey
Adelina Athey
Henrietta Athey
Elenor Athey
Harriet Athey

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Brass Turner
Farm Servant
Corn Dealers Wife
Corn Dealer
Cook (Dom)
Commercial Clerk (Corn)
Commercial Clerk (Chemical Works)
Colliery Labourer
Coal Trimmer (Lab)
Coal Porter
Dairy Maid
Dom Servant (Out Of Emp)
Engine Fitter At Works
Engine Fitter
Engine Driver Rway
Emp In Chemists Shop
Egine Fitter Unemployed
Domestic Servant
Farmer Of 80 Acres
Domestic Serv
Engine Fitter Railway Works
Coal Agent
Brass Finisher
Borough Rate Collector
Boot Maker
Beer Seller
Assistant To Draper
Wire Drawer
Agricultural Laborers Wife
Agricultural Laborer
Agric Lab
Brick Layer
Brick Maker
Coachman Wife
Coachman (Dom)
Coach Painter & Grainer
Coach Builder
Clerk Midland Railway
Cardigan Jacket Finisher (Hos)
Cab Proprietor
Builders Manager