Audley in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Audley
William Audley
George Audley
Samuel Audley
Thomas Audley
Henry Audley
Robert Audley
Arthur Audley
Charles Audley
James Audley
Edward Audley
Joseph Audley
Frederick Audley
Alexander Audley
Mark Audley
Albert Audley
Benjamin Audley
Fredk. Audley
Frank Audley
Philip Audley
Ernest Audley
Oswin Audley
Easaw Audley
Douglas Audley
Jacob Audley
Christopher Audley
Wm. Audley
Thos. Audley
Benj. Audley
Alfred Audley
Reginald Audley
Francis Audley
Peter Audley
Edwin Audley
Michael Audley
Edmund Audley
E. Audley
David Audley
Hugh Audley
Charley Audley
Henery Audley

Top female forenames

Mary Audley
Elizabeth Audley
Sarah Audley
Jane Audley
Emma Audley
Ellen Audley
Ann Audley
Alice Audley
Ada Audley
Eliza Audley
Catherine Audley
Caroline Audley
Eleanor Audley
Sophia Audley
Laura Audley
Harriet Audley
Hannah Audley
Minnie Audley
Margaret Audley
Amelia Audley
Edith Audley
Rose Audley
Ethel Audley
Annie Audley
Thomas Audley
Lilian Audley
Dorshaw Audley
Clara Audley
Rosalina Audley
Cecilia Audley
Rachel Audley
Florence Audley
Cather Audley
Fanny Audley
Blanche Audley
Bertha Audley
Anna Audley
Louisa Audley
Susannah Audley
Lettesia Audley
Selome Audley
Clementina Audley
Hanner Audley
Charlotte Audley
Rebecca Audley
Frances Audley
Phillis Audley
Flora Audley
Melinda Audley
Bessie Audley

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Whip Mount Maker
At School
Woollen Weaver
Gen Lab
Scholar Pauper
Commercial Clerk
Coal Miner
Ribbon Weaver
Agricultural Labourer
General Labourer
Farmer Of 57 Ac 2 Labourers
Farmers Son
Farmers Wife
Field Worker
Fitter Engine
Gardeners Lab
General Domestic Servant
Gen Labourers Contractor
General B. Smith & C (Master Employing 1 Man & Boy)
Gen Serv Domestic
General Serv Domestic
Gen Serv Dom
Cotton Porter
Auctioneer & Valuer
Boiler Maker
Boiler Smith
Carpet Weaver
Cook Domestic Servant
Cooper Wife
Apprentice Builder
Dock Carter
Domestic Serv Unemployed
Drapers Assit
Dress Maker