Auerbach in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Rudolph Auerbach
Leopold Auerbach
Emil Auerbach
Arthur Auerbach
William Auerbach
Sidney Auerbach
Max Auerbach
Jonas Auerbach
Hyman Auerbach
Harry Auerbach
Carlos Auerbach
Aloritr Auerbach
Solomon Auerbach
Salv Auerbach
Meyer Auerbach
Hymus Auerbach
Henry Auerbach

Top female forenames

Beatrice Auerbach
Amelia Auerbach
Emma Auerbach
Alice Auerbach
Sarah Auerbach
Louisa Auerbach
Johanna Auerbach
Gartha Auerbach
Fanny Auerbach
Christina Auerbach
Adele Auerbach
Sheba Auerbach
Priscilla Auerbach
Lenchen Auerbach
Ida Auerbach
Flora Auerbach

Top occupations

Commercial Traveller In Hops
Commercial Clerk
Financial Agent
Hop Merchant
Merchant Export & Import Of Goodes
Gen Med Practitioner In Germany