Auld in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Auld
William Auld
James Auld
Thomas Auld
Robert Auld
Elijah Auld
Edward Auld
Josiah Auld
Charles Auld
Henry Auld
Joseph Auld
George Auld
Tom Auld
Richard Auld
Ernest Auld
Benjamin Auld
W. Auld
Heny. Auld
Andrew Auld
Harry Auld
Allen Auld
Simon Auld
Hardiman Auld
Albert Auld
Geo.W. Auld
Ralph Auld
Mathew Auld
David Auld
Jessie Auld
Hugh Auld
Arthur Auld
Alston Auld
Stewart Auld
Harrison Auld
Alexander Auld
Samuel Auld
Paterick Auld
Edwin Auld
Edgar Auld
Curry Auld

Top female forenames

Mary Auld
Margaret Auld
Elizabeth Auld
Jane Auld
Sarah Auld
Annie Auld
Ann Auld
Isabella Auld
Alice Auld
Jessie Auld
Florence Auld
Ruth Auld
Anne Auld
Martha Auld
Catherine Auld
Lillian Auld
Eliza Auld
Eleanor Auld
Hannah Auld
Maggie Auld
Susannah Auld
Frances Auld
Ellen Auld
Agnes Auld
Clara Auld
Kittey Auld
Emma Auld
Rachel Auld
Elizth.Jane Auld
Nellie Auld
Ada Auld
Isabela Auld
Marion Auld
Hellen Auld
Cristian Auld
Maria Auld
Charlotte Auld
Grace Auld
Barbara Auld
Lily Auld
Levina Auld
Fanny Auld
Robina Auld
Amy Auld
Kate Auld
Rachael Auld
Janet Auld
May Auld
Elisabeth Auld
Infant Auld

Top occupations

Coal Miner
General Servant
Horseshoer Blacksmith
Clerk In Bank Of Engd
General Servant Domestic
Dress Maker
Domestic Servant
Professor Of Music
Leather Finisher
Cotton Weaver
Solicitors General Clerk
No Occupation
Fireman Colly
Enginewright (Ex M)
Dressmaker No Asst
General Laborer
Gen Serv
Engine Keeper (Iron Works)
Elementary Teacher
Foreign Clerk. Sun Fire Office
Engineers Wife
Driver I C Mine
Fitter At Colliery
Colliery Banksman ((Coal Miner))
Artist Printer Litho
At Factory (FH)
Book Keeper
Boot Binder
Boot Maker
Brakesman Daur
Cab Driver
Woollen Carpet Weaver
Clk At Prudential
Coal Miner Pony Driver
Colliery Back Overman
Banksman At Colliery
Colliery Brakesman
Commercial Traveller
Cook Domestic