Auston in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Auston
Edward Auston
George Auston
William Auston
James Auston
Charles Auston
Thomas Auston
Richard Auston
Henry Auston
Arthur Auston
Cecil Auston
Archibald Auston
Albert Auston
Noah Auston
Fredrick Auston
Emaniel Auston
Walter Auston
Sidney Auston
Alfred Auston
Percy Auston
Michael Auston
Frank Auston

Top female forenames

Mary Auston
Elizabeth Auston
Emma Auston
Emily Auston
Sarah Auston
Martha Auston
Ellen Auston
Beatrice Auston
Jane Auston
Charlotte Auston
Fanny Auston
Lucy Auston
Rose Auston
Betsey Auston
May Auston
Frances Auston
Flora Auston
Anne Auston
Marria Auston
Ester Auston
Alice Auston
Lydia Auston
Louisa Auston
Elzabeth Auston
Keziah Auston
Elizth.J. Auston
Daisey Auston
Harriett Auston
Pleasant Auston
Grace Auston
Bessie Auston
Matilda Auston
Florence Auston
Annie Auston
Ann Auston
Margaret Auston
Emmeline Auston
Leonara Auston
Kate Auston
Susanna Auston
Isabella Auston
Clara Auston
Hannah Auston

Top occupations

Domestic Duties & Dairywork (Ag)
Coal Miner
Horse Keeper
Farm Bailiff
Empld Papermill
Bricklayers Wife
Machine Wool Comber
Lodging House Keeper
Laborer General
Lab General
Joiner Unemployed
Independent Means
Shopkeeper Grocer
Miller (C)
Machine Wool Comber (C & Stuff) Unemployed
Pupil Teacher
Railway Eng Fitter
Grocers Apprentice
Genl Servt
Cotton Weaver
Coal Merchant
Clickers Wife
Clicker (Shoe) ((Wife))
Circular Sawyer
Boatman (Barge)
Domestic Serv
Domestic Servt Housemaid
Domestic Work
Genl Dom Serv
Farmers Son (Work On The Farm)
Farmer Retired
Farmer Of 265 Acres Emplg 4 Men & 2 Boys
Farmer 350 Acres Employ 10 Men & 3 Boys
Farmer 120 Acre Employ 5 Lab & 1 Boy
Farm Labourer
Engine Driver
Driller In Ship Yard (Builder)