Auton in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Auton
William Auton
Thomas Auton
James Auton
Robert Auton
George Auton
Leonard Auton
Henry Auton
Arthur Auton
Frederick Auton
Joseph Auton
Alfred Auton
Richard Auton
Christopher Auton
Francis Auton
David Auton
Charles Auton
Jabez Auton
Pattison Auton
Frank Auton
Bathurst Auton
Heslop Auton
Harry Auton
Albert Auton
Robt. Auton
Fred Auton
Michael Auton
Edwin Auton
Jonas Auton
Jeremiah Auton
Willm.J.H. Auton
Thos. Auton
Alfd. Auton
Samuel Auton
Hardcastle Auton
Matthew Auton
Ernest Auton
Earnest Auton

Top female forenames

Mary Auton
Elizabeth Auton
Sarah Auton
Jane Auton
Ann Auton
Margaret Auton
Alice Auton
Ada Auton
Annie Auton
Emma Auton
Harriet Auton
Eliza Auton
Hannah Auton
Barbara Auton
Emily Auton
Charlotte Auton
Martha Auton
Margeret Auton
Fanny Auton
Lucy Auton
Ellen Auton
Agnes Auton
Catherine Auton
Lucetta Auton
Ester Auton
Susan Auton
Anna Auton
Lettice Auton
Laura Auton
Rhoda Auton
Jessy Auton
Eleanor Auton
Olivia Auton
Helen Auton
Dinah Auton
Maude Auton
Frances Auton
Blanche Auton
Beatrice Auton
Ethel Auton
Susie Auton
Louise Auton
Sophia Auton
Leona Auton
Rosey Auton
Julia Auton
Rebecca Auton
Edith Auton
Naomi Auton
Harriett Auton

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Coke Labourer
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Farmers Son
Farmers Wife
General Laborer
General Labourer
General Servant Domestic
House Painter
Ag Lab
Farm Servant Indoor
Agr Labourer
Farm Serv In Door
Farm Serv
Farmer 244 Acres
Farmer Of 100 Acres
Game Keeper
Gen Servt Domes
General Domestic Servant
General Serv
General Serv (Domes Unempld)
Farm Laborer
Agricultural Laborer
Domestic Servant
Cartwright & Farmer Of 5 Acres
Cartwright & Farmer Wife
Wife Of Miller
Boot & Shoe Maker
Coke Burner
Book Seller
Commercial Clerk Iron Trade
Dairymans Wife
Dom Serv
Drayman At Brewery
Dyer Lace Factory
Dyer Wife
Engine Driver Rails
Engine Fitter (Labourer)