Averill in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Thomas Averill
George Averill
William Averill
John Averill
Charles Averill
Samuel Averill
Henry Averill
Alfred Averill
Arthur Averill
Frederick Averill
Robert Averill
James Averill
Joseph Averill
Isaac Averill
Stephen Averill
Leonard Averill
Edward Averill
Morris Averill
Edwin Averill
Jno. Averill
David Averill
Jas. Averill
Cecil Averill
Thos. Averill
Allen Averill
Herbert Averill
Alfd. Averill
Harry Averill
Abraham Averill
Nathaniel Averill
Fredk. Averill
Josiah Averill
Ernest Averill
Jesse Averill
Howard Averill
Albert Averill
Richard Averill
Godfrey Averill
Fredrick Averill
Kenneth Averill

Top female forenames

Mary Averill
Sarah Averill
Elizabeth Averill
Hannah Averill
Emma Averill
Ann Averill
Florence Averill
Annie Averill
Charlotte Averill
Caroline Averill
Jane Averill
Alice Averill
Susan Averill
Eliza Averill
Harriett Averill
Edith Averill
Maria Averill
Fanny Averill
Winifred Averill
Anne Averill
Emily Averill
Rosina Averill
Harriet Averill
Clara Averill
Mabel Averill
Catherine Averill
Louisa Averill
Evelyn Averill
Varina Averill
Letitia Averill
Anna Averill
Jesy Averill
Elsie Averill
Amelia Averill
James Averill
Elizebeth Averill
Rose Averill
Agnes Averill
Hellen Averill
Olive Averill
Ada Averill
Maud Averill
Dina Averill
Georgina Averill
Lucy Averill
Lizzie Averill
Ethel Averill
Susanna Averill
Kate Averill
Selina Averill

Top occupations

Farmers Wife
Farmers Son
Farmers Daur
Farm Labourer
Railway Labourer
No Occupation
Hardware Merchants Clerk
Bricklayers Lab
Farmer Of 82 Acres Emplo 1 Man
Farmer Of 69 Acres
Farmer Of 265 Acres Employing 3 Men & 2 Boys
Farmer Of 265 Acres
Farmer Of 23 Acres Employing 1 Lab
Farmer Of 92 Acres Employing 2 Labourers
Farmers Daughter
Agl Lab
Farmer Of 800 Acres Employing 8 Labourers And 5 Boys
French Polisher
Gamekeeper Wife
Gardener (7)
Farmer Of 200 Acres Employing 3 Men & 2 Boys
Clock Maker
Cabinet Maker
Char Woman
Book Folder
Clothier Tailor
Coach Painter
Cook ND
Drapers Assistant
Dress Maker
Bankers Clerk
Engine Fitter
Bakers Wife
Farmer Of 118 A Employing 2 Men & 2 Boys
Farmer Of 120 Acres Employing 2 Labourers