Aveyard in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Aveyard
John Aveyard
George Aveyard
Joseph Aveyard
Thomas Aveyard
Samuel Aveyard
James Aveyard
Henry Aveyard
Robert Aveyard
David Aveyard
Charles Aveyard
Alfred Aveyard
Walter Aveyard
Herbert Aveyard
Edwin Aveyard
Albert Aveyard
Richard Aveyard
Solomon Aveyard
Brook Aveyard
Ezra Aveyard
Peter Aveyard
Fred Aveyard
Benjamin Aveyard
Ernest Aveyard
Arthur Aveyard
Jesse Aveyard
Willie. Aveyard
Denby Aveyard
Aaron Aveyard
Jabez Aveyard
Orlando Aveyard
Thos. Aveyard
Cornelius Aveyard
Norman Aveyard
Helita Aveyard
Sunderland Aveyard
Matthew Aveyard
Harry Aveyard
Mark Aveyard
Geo.Shaw Aveyard
Sidney Aveyard
Benjm. Aveyard
Leonard Aveyard
Asa Aveyard
Elliott Aveyard
Royal Aveyard
Joe Aveyard
Edward Aveyard
Richd. Aveyard
Abraham Aveyard

Top female forenames

Sarah Aveyard
Mary Aveyard
Elizabeth Aveyard
Ann Aveyard
Hannah Aveyard
Annie Aveyard
Martha Aveyard
Jane Aveyard
Emily Aveyard
Alice Aveyard
Edith Aveyard
Eliza Aveyard
Emma Aveyard
Ellen Aveyard
Ada Aveyard
Amelia Aveyard
Laura Aveyard
Catherine Aveyard
Grace Aveyard
Maria Aveyard
Susannah Aveyard
Elizth. Aveyard
Lizzie Aveyard
Ruby Aveyard
Dorinda Aveyard
Rachel Aveyard
Jemima Aveyard
Phoebe Aveyard
Henrietta Aveyard
Caraline Aveyard
Miranda Aveyard
Bessie Aveyard
Maryann Aveyard
Florance Aveyard
Berth Aveyard
Susan Aveyard
Annette Aveyard
Louisa Aveyard
Ruth Aveyard
Agusta Aveyard
Lilly Aveyard
Rebecca Aveyard
Jesse Aveyard
Clara Aveyard
Priscilla Aveyard
Caroline Aveyard
Nancy Aveyard
Betty Aveyard
Mearid Aveyard
Florence Aveyard

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Woollen Weaver
Cloth Weaver
House Painter
Cloth Weaver (Woollen)
Worsted Spinner
Worsted Overlooker
Wol Mach Feeder
Woollen Spinner Unemployed Cloth Mr
Woollen Cloth Weaver
Engine Fitter
Woolen Cleaner
Coal Miners Laborer
Wool Weaver
Retired Publican
Piecner (Woollen)
Caretaker At Board School
Labourer At Wool(len) Mill
Labourer (General)
Grocers Wife
Harrier Coal (M)
Hous Maid
House Maid
House Maid (D)
Iron Turner Unemployed
Iron Turner
Housekeeper (Dom)
Commission Agent
Banksman At Colliery (Cm)
Boot & Shoe Master
Char Woman
Cloth Dresser
Coal Mine Labourer
Yarn Swifter
Cotton Beam Warper
Cotton Dyer Unemployed
Cotton Taper And Sizer (Manuf)
Cotton Warp Dresser
Cotton Weaver
Doffer At Worsted Mill
Domestic Servant Housekeeper
Dressmaker (Apprentice)