Axtell in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Axtell
George Axtell
James Axtell
Charles Axtell
John Axtell
Thomas Axtell
Frederick Axtell
Joseph Axtell
Arthur Axtell
Henry Axtell
Albert Axtell
Harry Axtell
Richard Axtell
Edwin Axtell
Walter Axtell
Alfred Axtell
Ernest Axtell
Geo. Axtell
Samuel Axtell
Daniel Axtell
Wm. Axtell
Thos. Axtell
Sidney Axtell
Willm. Axtell
Gilbert Axtell
Fred Axtell
Peter Axtell
Emanuel Axtell
Leonard Axtell
Edgar Axtell
Isaac Axtell
Clarke Axtell
Bertram Axtell
Archibald Axtell
G.A. Axtell
Alfd. Axtell
Fred. Axtell
Nathaniel Axtell
Ebenezer Axtell
D.H. Axtell

Top female forenames

Mary Axtell
Ann Axtell
Annie Axtell
Sarah Axtell
Elizabeth Axtell
Jane Axtell
Ellen Axtell
Alice Axtell
Eliza Axtell
Maria Axtell
Emma Axtell
Martha Axtell
Caroline Axtell
Susan Axtell
Emily Axtell
Minnie Axtell
Charlotte Axtell
Florence Axtell
Louisa Axtell
Harriet Axtell
Clara Axtell
Sophia Axtell
Kate Axtell
Flora Axtell
Lizzie Axtell
Selina Axtell
Harriett Axtell
Hannah Axtell
Edith Axtell
Fanny Axtell
Lily Axtell
Ellinor Axtell
Hester Axtell
Nancy Axtell
Ada Axtell
Eliz. Axtell
Matilda Axtell
Gwennie Axtell
Georgiana Axtell
Cathrine Axtell
Lydia Axtell
Florie Axtell
Lousia Axtell
Beatrice Axtell
Etheldred Axtell
Anne Axtell
Laura Axtell
Amy Axtell
Rose Axtell
Adelaide Axtell

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Straw Plaiter
Hay Trusser (Ag Lab)
General Servant
Farm Laborer
Domestic Servant
Envelope Maker
Drapers Assistant
Gen Lab
Railway Porter
Wood Turner
Lodging House Keeper
Pupil Teacher
General Serv
Plait Dealer
Builders Laborer
Gardener & Florist
Gen Serv
Gardeners Son (No Occ)
Gold Beater
Gardener (ND)
Gardener (Dom Serv)
French Polisher
Cotton Weaver
Wool Brokers Sample Asst
Brass Founders Labourer
Builders Firm Of Symm & Co Oxford
Builders Labourer
Clerk Commercial
Coachman Domestic
Collar Turner
Cook Dom Serv
Dom Serv Gen
Dom Serv Unemployed
Dom Set Housemaid
Domesc Servt