Aylwin in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Aylwin
Charles Aylwin
Thomas Aylwin
James Aylwin
George Aylwin
Albert Aylwin
Arthur Aylwin
Alfred Aylwin
John Aylwin
Frederick Aylwin
Allen Aylwin
Henry Aylwin
Robert Aylwin
Peter Aylwin
Ebenezer Aylwin
Herbert Aylwin
Francis Aylwin
Edward Aylwin
Jas. Aylwin
Benjamin Aylwin
Hubert Aylwin
Reginald Aylwin
Frank Aylwin
Edwin Aylwin
Pennington Aylwin
Noah Aylwin
Claude Aylwin
Jessie Aylwin
Bernard Aylwin
Walter Aylwin
Samuel Aylwin
Harry Aylwin
Richard Aylwin
Ralph Aylwin
Percy Aylwin
Owen Aylwin
David Aylwin

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Aylwin
Mary Aylwin
Esther Aylwin
Emily Aylwin
Caroline Aylwin
Kate Aylwin
Jane Aylwin
Harriett Aylwin
Annie Aylwin
Winifred Aylwin
Alice Aylwin
Selina Aylwin
Helen Aylwin
Ada Aylwin
Edith Aylwin
Frances Aylwin
Fanny Aylwin
Ethel Aylwin
Emma Aylwin
Isabella Aylwin
Ella Aylwin
Sarah Aylwin
Gertrude Aylwin
Angelina Aylwin
Ellen Aylwin
Agatha Aylwin
Rose Aylwin
Harrietis Aylwin
Eleanor Aylwin
May Aylwin
Hannah Aylwin
Margreta Aylwin
Charity Aylwin
Margaret Aylwin
Louisa Aylwin
Ann Aylwin
Kathleen Aylwin
Amy Aylwin
Josephine Aylwin
Elloner Aylwin
Sussanna Aylwin
Agnes Aylwin
Adelaide Aylwin
Eliza Aylwin
Rhoda Aylwin
Harriet Aylwin
Egusta Aylwin
Charolette Aylwin
Margret Aylwin
Florence Aylwin

Top occupations

Farmers Son
Commercial Clerk
Farmers Wife
Butchers Daughter
No Profesion
Ag Lab
Formerly Farmer
Farmer Of 197 Acres Employing 3 Men & 9 Boys
Farmer Of 180 Acres Employing 10 Labourers & 4 Boys
Farmer Late
Farmer 90 Acres Employ 3 Lab
Farmer 52 Acres
Farmer 500 Acres 5 Men 2 boys
Wool Broker
Farmer Of 397 1/2 Acres Emp 9 Labs And 2 Lads
Farmer Of 72 Acres (Employing 1 Boy)
Farmer Of 232 Acres Employing 3 Men & 1 Boy
Formerly Travellers Wife
Farmers Servt Labr
Farmers Daur (Housekeeper) (Dom)
Gardener (N D)
Farmers Daur
Gen Servant
Farmer 256 Acres Employing 6 Men And 4 Boys
Farmer 140 Acres Employs 3 Men 2 Boys
Butchers Wife
Butchers Son
Butcher Employing 7 Men & 1 Boy
Bricklayers Wife
Bakers Assistant
Ag Lab And Beer House Keeper
Clerk Chemical Works
Cook (Domestic Servant)
Farmer 13 Acres
Farmer (Cowkeeper)
Farmer (320 Acres) Employing 7 Men 2 Boys & 2 Women
Farmer (...Aineer)
Domestic Serv
Cook (Domestic)