Babington in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Babington
William Babington
Thomas Babington
Charles Babington
James Babington
Arthur Babington
Henry Babington
Fred Babington
George Babington
Alfred Babington
Edward Babington
Joseph Babington
Percy Babington
Francis Babington
Walter Babington
Christopher Babington
Stephen Babington
Samuel Babington
Harry Babington
H.C. Babington
Chamberlin Babington
Reginald Babington
Wm.Piele Babington
Basil Babington
Frederick Babington
Moses Babington
Will. Babington
Joshua Babington
Eustace Babington
W. Babington
J. Babington
Cyril Babington
Thos. Babington
Hame Babington
Gerard Babington
Benjamin Babington
Redmond Babington
Geoe Babington
Willm. Babington
Augustus Babington
Nelson Babington
Willey Babington
Archibald Babington
Leonard Babington
Festus Babington
Will Babington
Abraham Babington
Ernest Babington
W.H. Babington
David Babington

Top female forenames

Mary Babington
Sarah Babington
Elizabeth Babington
Emily Babington
Annie Babington
Hannah Babington
Jane Babington
Alice Babington
Margaret Babington
Nellie Babington
Amy Babington
Eliza Babington
Edith Babington
Emma Babington
Anna Babington
Maria Babington
Clara Babington
Gertrude Babington
Louisa Babington
Florence Babington
Theresa Babington
Bertha Babington
Katherine Babington
Ann Babington
Martha Babington
Isabel Babington
Caroline Babington
Susan Babington
Kate Babington
Jessie Babington
Elizth.R. Babington
Maud Babington
Angel Babington
J.E. Babington
Amelia Babington
Isabella Babington
Eleanor Babington
Albinia Babington
Harriet Babington
Maggie Babington
Ada Babington
Catherine Babington
C.M. Babington
Lillian Babington
Esther Babington
Rose Babington
Johanna Babington
Ella Babington
Elizth. Babington
Matha Babington

Top occupations

No Occupation
Errand Boy
French Polisher
Cotton Weaver
Tea Warehouse
Cabinet Maker
Master Painter Employg 2 Men
House Wife
House Maid
Gun Maker Wife
Master Tailor 1 Man
Gun Maker
Letter Carrier (C)
Housekeeper Dom
M.A. Professor of Botany
Journeyman Bricklayer
Laborer In Ironworks
Wire Worker
Depositary & Accountant To Trinitarian Bible Society
Apprentice To Printing
Bank Agent
Bridle Cutter
Captain 16th Lancers
Chemists Apprentice
Clergyman Without Care Of Souls
Clergymans Wife
Clerk In Holy Orders Without Care Of Souls Schoolmaster Master Of Arts
Copperplate Engraver
Domestic Servant
Dress Maker
Farm Boy
Farm Labourer
Farm Serv (Indoor)
French Polishers Apprentice
General Laborer