Baby in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Baby
Thomas Baby
George Baby
Walter Baby
Charles Baby
Richard Baby
Joseph Baby
James Baby
Fred.William Baby
Earnest Baby
Wm. Baby
Daniel Baby
Robert Baby
Percy Baby
John Baby
Henry Baby
Fredk. Baby
Edgar Baby
David Baby

Top female forenames

Hannah Baby
Mary Baby
Florence Baby
Ellen Baby
Lily Baby
Sarah Baby
Ann Baby
Louisa Baby
Julienna Baby
Ethel Baby
Thirza Baby
Elizabeth Baby
Rosa Baby
Catherine Baby
Lucinda Baby
Jane Baby
Gertrude Baby
Flora Baby
Esther Baby
Elizebeth Baby
Clara Baby

Top occupations

Gen Labr
Bailiff Daur
Plate Layer Wife
Police Constable
Railway Wagon Agent
Ralway Labourer
Registrar Of Births & Deaths
Registrars Wife
Servant Domestic
Travelling Hawker
Plate Layer
Mayors Attendant (Munic)
Bailiff Farm
Bailiff Wife
Foreman Labourer Oil Wks
Formerly Lacy Or Dress
General Servant (Domestic)
Grocers Shopman
House Keeper
Kitchen Maid
Labourer Iron Works
Lt Colonel (Half Pay)