Bacchus in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Bacchus
Henry Bacchus
James Bacchus
George Bacchus
Walter Bacchus
John Bacchus
Arthur Bacchus
Frederick Bacchus
Charles Bacchus
Joseph Bacchus
Alfred Bacchus
Robert Bacchus
Edward Bacchus
Edmund Bacchus
Thomas Bacchus
... Bacchus
Samuel Bacchus
...nes Bacchus
Sidney Bacchus
Robt. Bacchus
Frank Bacchus
Richard Bacchus
Edwin Bacchus
Ramsden Bacchus
Lewis Bacchus
Daniel Bacchus
Wm. Bacchus
J.K. Bacchus
Hubert Bacchus
Harry Bacchus
Francis Bacchus
Reginald Bacchus
Phillip Bacchus
Earnest Bacchus
Chas.Edward Bacchus
Bernard Bacchus
Willm. Bacchus
Infant Bacchus
Amos Bacchus

Top female forenames

Sarah Bacchus
Elizabeth Bacchus
Emily Bacchus
Emma Bacchus
Ellen Bacchus
Clara Bacchus
Mary Bacchus
Alice Bacchus
Rose Bacchus
Ann Bacchus
Ada Bacchus
Martha Bacchus
Jane Bacchus
Eliza Bacchus
Margaret Bacchus
Florence Bacchus
Annie Bacchus
Priscilla Bacchus
Harriett Bacchus
Louisa Bacchus
Ethel Bacchus
Nellie Bacchus
Edith Bacchus
A. Bacchus
Isabella Bacchus
Elenor Bacchus
Maud Bacchus
Hannah Bacchus
Dora Bacchus
George Bacchus
Christina Bacchus
Maria Bacchus
Frances Bacchus
Catherine Bacchus
Fanny Bacchus
Leah Bacchus
Winifred Bacchus
Jesse Bacchus
Elizabth.A. Bacchus
Rebecca Bacchus
... Bacchus
Heneritta Bacchus
Harriet Bacchus
Matilda Bacchus
Georgine Bacchus
Francis Bacchus
Charlotte Bacchus
Lilian Bacchus
Evelyn Bacchus
Amelia Bacchus

Top occupations

Straw Hat Sewer
Brass Finisher
Straw Hat Finisher
Straw Hat Blocker
Engine Fitter At Factory
Engine Fitter
Drawing Tenter In Mill
General Shop Keeper
Detained Under Industrial Schools Act
Warehouseman Oil Can Trade
Butcher & Pensioner
Greengrocer (Shop)
Engineer Tool Fitter
Errand Girl
Gem Setter Wife
Gem Setter (Jewellier)
Flute Maker
Fish Carter
Genl Serv (Unemployed)
Finisher Straw Hat
Gentleman Farming 500 Acres (Farmer)
Comcl Traveller Wife
Comcl Traveller
Beerhouse Keeper
B A Cambridge Land & Divds
Asst Colector (Clk)
Assistants In Shop
Assistant Laundress
Annuitant Formerly Boot & Shoe Manufr
Blacksmiths Wife
Book Sewer Out Empy
Civil Servant
Cattle Driver
Carpenter & Joiner
Caretaker Of Bank (Office Kn)
Cabinet Maker
Cab Driver
Butchers Wife