Baddley in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Baddley
James Baddley
George Baddley
John Baddley
Henry Baddley
Thomas Baddley
Joseph Baddley
Arthur Baddley
Francis Baddley
Edward Baddley
Amos Baddley
Jonathon Baddley
Alfred Baddley
Richard Baddley
Willm. Baddley
Jas. Baddley
Walter Baddley
Isreal Baddley
Albert Baddley
Thos. Baddley
Hiram Baddley
Samuel Baddley
Henery Baddley
Ralph Baddley
Paul Baddley
Fred Baddley
Leonard Baddley
Enoch Baddley
Charles Baddley
Jesse Baddley
Arther Baddley
W.Henry Baddley
Isaiah Baddley
Harry Baddley
Peter Baddley
Frederick Baddley
Levi Baddley

Top female forenames

Sarah Baddley
Mary Baddley
Elizabeth Baddley
Ann Baddley
Emily Baddley
Jane Baddley
Alice Baddley
Annie Baddley
Ellen Baddley
Caroline Baddley
Hannah Baddley
Rose Baddley
Martha Baddley
Margaret Baddley
Georgina Baddley
Maria Baddley
Eliza Baddley
Gains Baddley
Phoebe Baddley
Esther Baddley
Agnes Baddley
Minnie Baddley
Eleanor Baddley
Lucy Baddley
Clementine Baddley
Lavinia Baddley
Charlotte Baddley
Susannah Baddley
Harriett Baddley
Rosie Baddley
Allice Baddley
Rachel Baddley
Florie Baddley
Agness Baddley
Phebe Baddley
Emma Baddley
Maggie Baddley
Edith Baddley
Lily Baddley
Clara Baddley

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Fustian Cutter
Ribbon Weaver
Piecer (Cotton)
Lock Keeper I Or J N S
General Labourer
Potters Warehouse Woman
Potter Paintress
Housekeeper Dom
Housekeeper (Dom)
House Agent
Gilt Jeweller
Private 2 Stafford Mil
General Servant
Iron Miner
Lab In Factory
Labourer For Mechanics
Potters Transferer
Miner (C)
No Occupation
Potters Paper Cutter
Lab In Iron Works
Mechanic (E M)
Gen Lab
Driver In Coal Mine
Dress Maker
Domestic Serv
Cotton Weaver
Commercial Clark
Coal And Iron Miner
Chair Worker (Cabinet Maker)
Chair Bottom Mender
Earthenware Potter
Engine Fitter
Formerly Coal Miner
Forge Engine Tenter
File Cutter
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Farm Labourer Wife
Farm Labourer
Errand Boy
Engine Fitter Wife