Badge in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Badge
James Badge
John Badge
Thomas Badge
Joseph Badge
Alfred Badge
Ernest Badge
Lewis Badge
Wm. Badge
George Badge
Fred Badge
Harold Badge
Hanibal Badge
Fredrick Badge
Sydney Badge
Richard Badge
Curry Badge
Oscar Badge
Arthur Badge
Humphrey Badge
Hannibal Badge
Samuel Badge
Danniel Badge
Percy Badge
Charles Badge
Matthew Badge

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Badge
Mary Badge
Jane Badge
Emma Badge
Priscilla Badge
Caroline Badge
Laura Badge
Anne Badge
Susan Badge
Ann Badge
Sarah Badge
Louisa Badge
Edith Badge
Richard Badge
Lavina Badge
Dewence Badge
Kate Badge
Deures Badge
Nanny Badge
Hannah Badge
Bithiah Badge
Maria Badge
Florence Badge
Annie Badge
Margarey Badge
Fanney Badge
Tresia Badge
Anna Badge
Malinda Badge
Ellen Badge
Stella Badge
Lucy Badge
Eliza Badge
Rosina Badge
Lily Badge
E. Badge
Rhoda Badge
Dewand Badge
Nellie Badge
Janie Badge
Charity Badge
Matilda Badge
Henry Badge
Blanche Badge
Martha Badge
Gertrude Badge
Arabella Badge
Margery Badge
Fanny Badge
Margarett Badge

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Tin Miner
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Chemical Labourer
Farm Labourer
Joiner & Methodist Preacher
General Servant
Master Mason (Employing 8 Men And 1 Boy)
Pensioner H M Dockyard
Pupil Teacher
Labourers Wife
Retired Grocer
Working Engineer Copper Mine (Mining)
Waggoner (Carman)
Tea Maid
Tailor Wife
Tailor Daughter
Servant (Farm)
Working Jeweller
Retired Store Keeper
House & Parlour Maid
Glove Maker
Cook Serv Domestic
Coal Dealer
Circular Sawyer
Carriers Clark
Assistant Sawyer
Agricultural Laborer
Ag Labs Wife
Domestic Servant
Domestic Servant Housemaid
General Servant (Domestic)
Blacksmiths Wife
General Serv (Indoor)
General Labourer
Gardener (M)
Farm Servant
Dress Maker