Bailiff in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Bailiff
William Bailiff
James Bailiff
Thomas Bailiff
Henry Bailiff
Samuel Bailiff
Richard Bailiff
George Bailiff
Edward Bailiff
Thos. Bailiff
Johnstom Bailiff
Jerrard Bailiff
Hiram Bailiff
Walter Bailiff
Robert Bailiff
Peter Bailiff

Top female forenames

Mary Bailiff
Annie Bailiff
Ann Bailiff
Esther Bailiff
Sarah Bailiff
Ellen Bailiff
Jane Bailiff
Philadelphia Bailiff
Elizabeth Bailiff
Eliza Bailiff
My. Bailiff
Cathern Bailiff
Margaret Bailiff
Ada Bailiff
Francis Bailiff
Susan Bailiff
Emily Bailiff
Sar. Bailiff
Elizth. Bailiff
Phebe Bailiff
Edith Bailiff
Jessie Bailiff
Alice Bailiff
Isabella Bailiff
Fanny Bailiff
Emma Bailiff
Phoebe Bailiff
Elizabth Bailiff
Pheebe Bailiff

Top occupations

Farmers Daughter
Farmers Son
Iron Furnace Labourer
Iron Miner
Iron Worker
Green Grocer & Farmers Wife
Lodging House Keeper
Woollen Winder
Woollen Cloth Weaver
Stone Mason
Servant Domestic
School Teacher Of Sewing
School Cleaner
Retired Engineer R N (Officer)
General Servant (Domestic)
General Servant
Domestic Servt
Domestic Servant Cook
Domestic Servant
Cook (Dom Servt)
Coal Miner
Coal Dealer
(? D M) Gardener
Engine Stoker
General Labourer
Firewood Chopper
Fireman On Railway
Farmers Wife
Farmer Of 52 Acres Employing 1 Servant
Farmer Of 33 Acres
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Farm Servant
Brewer Master