Bainton in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Bainton
William Bainton
George Bainton
Henry Bainton
James Bainton
Thomas Bainton
Albert Bainton
Joseph Bainton
Charles Bainton
Frank Bainton
Robert Bainton
Samuel Bainton
Fred Bainton
Edward Bainton
Hubert Bainton
Alfred Bainton
Matthew Bainton
Walter Bainton
Arthur Bainton
Frederick Bainton
Richard Bainton
Edgar Bainton
Isaac Bainton
Chas. Bainton
Mathew Bainton
Ernest Bainton
Christopher Bainton
Nehemiah Bainton
Fredk. Bainton
Frederic Bainton
Louis Bainton
Willm. Bainton
Leonard Bainton
Fracis Bainton
Eli Bainton
Thos. Bainton
Daniel Bainton
Richd. Bainton
Herbert Bainton
Percy Bainton
Nathaniel Bainton
Alexander Bainton
Wm.George Bainton
Lewes Bainton
Francis Bainton
Thos.Hy. Bainton
Jno. Bainton
J. Bainton
David Bainton

Top female forenames

Mary Bainton
Sarah Bainton
Elizabeth Bainton
Ann Bainton
Eliza Bainton
Jane Bainton
Annie Bainton
Maria Bainton
Florence Bainton
Alice Bainton
Clara Bainton
Caroline Bainton
Emma Bainton
Emily Bainton
Margaret Bainton
Ada Bainton
Julia Bainton
Edith Bainton
Kate Bainton
Frances Bainton
Martha Bainton
Harriett Bainton
Sophia Bainton
Jessie Bainton
Fanny Bainton
Susan Bainton
Agnes Bainton
Gertrude Bainton
Charlotte Bainton
Jeanie Bainton
Beatrice Bainton
Anna Bainton
Amy Bainton
Lizzie Bainton
Hamey Bainton
Rose Bainton
Eleanor Bainton
Lilian Bainton
Adeline Bainton
Francessia Bainton
Rhoda Bainton
A.Elizabeth Bainton
Flower Bainton
Pauline Bainton
Millicent Bainton
Bessie Bainton
Janet Bainton
Ethel Bainton
Arabella Bainton
Isabella Bainton

Top occupations

Woollen Cloth Weaver
Farmers Son
Farmers Wife
Coal Miner
Domestic Servant
Woollen Cloth Worker
General Labourer
Freestone Quarryman
Ag Lab
Weaver Of Woollen Cloth
Railway Porter
No Occupation
Errand Boy
Farm Labourer
Agricultural Labourer
Agricultural Laborer
General Servant Domestic
Market Woman (Hawker)
Sawmill Property Employing 4 Men & 2 Boys
Agri Lab
Ag Lab Wife
Domestic Servt
Dom Servant
Ag Laborer
Driver Engine
Farm Laborer
(No Occp)
Farm Labourers Wife
Bricklayer & Plasterer
Bricklayer Wife
Brass Finisher
Chain Maker
Clerk In Saw Mills
Clothiers Shopman (Tailors)
Cabinet Maker
Assistant To Father (Ag Lab)