Baisley in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Baisley
George Baisley
John Baisley
Henry Baisley
Fredrick Baisley
Emmanuel Baisley
Charles Baisley
Wm. Baisley
Thos. Baisley
Richard Baisley
James Baisley
Frank Baisley
Edward Baisley
Thomas Baisley

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Baisley
Florence Baisley
Ellen Baisley
Mary Baisley
Lilian Baisley
Edith Baisley
Virginia Baisley
Phillis Baisley
Martha Baisley
Lucey Baisley
Leah Baisley
Emma Baisley
Sarah Baisley
Lydia Baisley

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Railway Engine Driver
Plaiter Straw
Hay Dealer Wife
Hay Dealer
Genrl Labourer (Out Of Emply)
General Servant
Gen Labourer
Field Work
Farrier And Caretaker Of Horses
Agric Labourer