Bakes in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Bakes
John Bakes
Joseph Bakes
Thomas Bakes
Samuel Bakes
Robert Bakes
Fred Bakes
Albert Bakes
Alfred Bakes
James Bakes
Geo. Bakes
Arthur Bakes
Willie Bakes
Harry Bakes
George Bakes
Richard Bakes
Martin Bakes
Joshua Bakes
Harcourt Bakes
Rhodes Bakes
Noah Bakes
Ellis Bakes
Lorenzo Bakes
Charles Bakes
Jeffery Bakes
Ward Bakes
Hiram Bakes
Sylvester Bakes
Robinson Bakes
Frederick Bakes
Ph.Gruchy Bakes
Erroll Bakes
Edward Bakes
Benjamin Bakes
Abel Bakes
Henry Bakes

Top female forenames

Mary Bakes
Elizabeth Bakes
Sarah Bakes
Hannah Bakes
Martha Bakes
Annie Bakes
Emma Bakes
Emily Bakes
Eliza Bakes
Clara Bakes
Ann Bakes
Alice Bakes
Susannah Bakes
Sebena Bakes
Richael Bakes
Phoebe Bakes
Elisabeth Bakes
Betty Bakes
Lucey Bakes
Letitia Bakes
Isabella Bakes
Violetta Bakes
Harriet Bakes
Susan Bakes
Eva Bakes
Rhoda Bakes
Minnie Bakes
Lilly Bakes
Amelia Bakes
Janet Bakes
Agnes Bakes
Vivien Bakes
Henrietta Bakes

Top occupations

Worsted Weaver
Worsted Spinner
Ag Lab
Cloth Weaver
Stuff Weaver
Machine Fitter (Spinning)
Labouer HDS ((Par Wharf))
Mill Hand (Artz)
Mechanics Labourer (E & M)
Manages Home (Dom)
Manager Worsted Spinning Wife
Manager Worsted Spinning
Manager Worsted Mill
Worsted Winder
Maker Up & Packer (C)
Mill Hand (Tex)
Retired Grocer
Reed & Heald Maker Operative (Spin Mach Mr)
Railway Labourer
Power Loom Weaver (Tex) (FHD)
Painter (App)
Painter & Paperhanger
Overlooker (Weaving)(Sff)
Mill Hand Worsted
Inn Keeper
Cord Wainer (Boot)
Coal Miner
Clerk N E
Assistant Superintendant Assurance (Prudential)
Cotton Warp Dresser
Engine Fitter (& Tr)
House Maid (Dom)
Hotel Keeper (Inn)
Grocers Assistant
Genl Laborer
Gasfitter & Bellhanger
Farmer Of 52 Acres Employing 2 Boys
Factory Operative (C)