Balderston in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Balderston
James Balderston
John Balderston
Thomas Balderston
Robert Balderston
David Balderston
Arthur Balderston
George Balderston
Richard Balderston
Henry Balderston
Harry Balderston
Richardson Balderston
Charles Balderston
Frederick Balderston
Joseph Balderston
Brian Balderston
J. Balderston
Augustas Balderston
Anthony Balderston
Alfred Balderston
G. Balderston
Albert Balderston
Robt.R.M. Balderston
Ernest Balderston
Edward Balderston
Martin Balderston
Benjamin Balderston
Herbert Balderston
Harvey Balderston
Allen Balderston
Tom Balderston
Alexander Balderston
Sydney Balderston
Edwin Balderston
Edmund Balderston
Christopher Balderston
Jesse Balderston

Top female forenames

Mary Balderston
Elizabeth Balderston
Sarah Balderston
Martha Balderston
Jane Balderston
Eliza Balderston
Ann Balderston
Hannah Balderston
Margaret Balderston
Annie Balderston
Emily Balderston
Emma Balderston
Alice Balderston
Harriet Balderston
Charlotte Balderston
Louisa Balderston
Lavinia Balderston
C. Balderston
M.A. Balderston
Florence Balderston
Beatrice Balderston
Lizzie Balderston
Etta Balderston
Anne Balderston
Leonora Balderston
Laura Balderston
Ellen Balderston
Violet Balderston
Isabella Balderston
Eleanor Balderston
Ruth Balderston
Caroline Balderston
Frances Balderston
Betsy Balderston
Fanny Balderston
Lesley Balderston
Esther Balderston
Anna Balderston
Amelia Balderston
Julia Balderston
Elizath. Balderston
Zenobia Balderston
J. Balderston
Helen Balderston
Christiana Balderston
Rose Balderston
Hariet Balderston
Catharine Balderston
Francis Balderston

Top occupations

Cotton Weaver
Cotton Spinner
Agricultural Labourer
Farmers Daur
Cotton Factory Labourer
Cotton Winder
Governess (Sch)
Green Grocer
Farm Laborer Out Of Employt
Iron Turner Wife
Farm Labourer
Iron Turner
Farm Labourer Wife
Farm Serv (Indoor)
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Inn Keeper & Farmer Of 41 Acres
Farmer 105 Acres
Farmer Of 20 Acres
Farmer Of 33 Acres
General Domestic Serv
Farm Laborer
Engine Tester
Domestic Servant
Cabinet Maker &c (Apprentice)
Cab Driver
Bricklayer & Etc
Assisting In House
Assistant Boiler Maker
Apprentice To Bricklayer
Chemical Manure Manufactr
Chimney Sweeper
Crofter In Bleachworks Out Of Employ
Corn Miller And Baker
Cotton Carder
Cottagers Wife
Cottager Of 8 Acres (Farmer)
Cook Domestic Serv
Clerk To Marine Engineer