Balfour in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Balfour
William Balfour
James Balfour
David Balfour
George Balfour
Charles Balfour
Robert Balfour
Thomas Balfour
Henry Balfour
Alexander Balfour
Ernest Balfour
Alfred Balfour
Arthur Balfour
Frederick Balfour
Andrew Balfour
Joseph Balfour
Edwin Balfour
Edward Balfour
Lewis Balfour
Reginald Balfour
R. Balfour
Percy Balfour
Wm. Balfour
Herbert Balfour
Geo. Balfour
Thos. Balfour
Buchanan Balfour
Robt.A.G. Balfour
Bertie Balfour
Francis Balfour
Archie Balfour
Jas. Balfour
Jabez Balfour
Hugh Balfour
Wm.W. Balfour
Duncan Balfour
Norman Balfour
Alec Balfour
Maxwell Balfour
Adam Balfour
Gilbert Balfour
Christopher Balfour
Margaret Balfour
W. Balfour
Louis Balfour
Fredrick Balfour
Blayney Balfour
Kenneth Balfour
Frank Balfour
Eustace Balfour

Top female forenames

Mary Balfour
Elizabeth Balfour
Margaret Balfour
Jane Balfour
Sarah Balfour
Annie Balfour
Alice Balfour
Catherine Balfour
Eliza Balfour
Edith Balfour
Ann Balfour
Ellen Balfour
Isabella Balfour
Emily Balfour
Louisa Balfour
Maria Balfour
Janet Balfour
Clara Balfour
Georgina Balfour
Jessie Balfour
Emma Balfour
Betsy Balfour
Constance Balfour
Anne Balfour
Lizzie Balfour
Matilda Balfour
Hannah Balfour
Grace Balfour
Marie Balfour
Jeanie Balfour
Florence Balfour
Beatrice Balfour
Fanny Balfour
Mabel Balfour
Christiana Balfour
Charlotte Balfour
Helen Balfour
Minnie Balfour
Cecilia Balfour
Kate Balfour
Agnes Balfour
Elizth. Balfour
Caroline Balfour
Ada Balfour
Frances Balfour
Jean Balfour
Sophia Balfour
Flora Balfour
Madeline Balfour
Rosena Balfour

Top occupations

General Labourer
Coal Miner
Master Mariner
Ag Lab
Engine Fitter At Works
Laborer At Calico Print Works
Fish And Game Salesman (Monger)
Coal Agent
Stone Mason
Retired Silk Merchant
Mem Of Stock Exchange
Gentleman Cadet
No Profession
Dress Maker
Land Owner & Bond Holder
Drawer At Colliery
Baker Son
Working Housekeeper
Colliery Owner Employing 450 Hands (Service)
Colliery Com Clerk
Coal Miner & Beerseller
Commercial Clerk Iron
Commission Agent
Commercial Clerk
Agent For Forign Silk Goods
Articled Pupil
Baker (Master Empy 2 Men & 2 Boys)
Baker Employing 7 Men & 3 Boys
Blacksmith Wife
Book Keeper Leedsman
Boot Binder
Box Maker (20/3)
Butter Merchant
C. Traveller Bus Unemployed
Calico Printers Porter