Ballantine in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Ballantine
James Ballantine
William Ballantine
Charles Ballantine
Thomas Ballantine
Robert Ballantine
Joseph Ballantine
George Ballantine
Arthur Ballantine
Henry Ballantine
Walter Ballantine
Francis Ballantine
A. Ballantine
Harry Ballantine
Richard Ballantine
Albert Ballantine
Edwin Ballantine
Edmund Ballantine
Samuel Ballantine
Andrew Ballantine
Fred.G.Anton Ballantine
Alexander Ballantine
Reginald Ballantine
Neanion Ballantine
Elliott Ballantine
Mark Ballantine
Edward Ballantine
Wm. Ballantine
Jonathan Ballantine
Donald Ballantine
Waverley Ballantine
Charley Ballantine
Thos. Ballantine
Hepburn Ballantine
Cecil Ballantine
Sidney Ballantine
Archibald Ballantine
Robt. Ballantine
Frederick Ballantine
Alfred Ballantine
Fred Ballantine
Oscar Ballantine
Ernest Ballantine
Michael Ballantine
David Ballantine
Hugh Ballantine

Top female forenames

Mary Ballantine
Sarah Ballantine
Elizabeth Ballantine
Jane Ballantine
Annie Ballantine
Alice Ballantine
Margaret Ballantine
Amelia Ballantine
Isabella Ballantine
Agnes Ballantine
Eliza Ballantine
Eleanor Ballantine
Amy Ballantine
Matilda Ballantine
Catherine Ballantine
Florence Ballantine
C. Ballantine
Emily Ballantine
Julia Ballantine
Ruth Ballantine
Ann Ballantine
Janet Ballantine
Dorothy Ballantine
Clara Ballantine
Frances Ballantine
Madiline Ballantine
Kate Ballantine
Jessie Ballantine
Anna Ballantine
Janete Ballantine
E. Ballantine
Rose Ballantine
David Ballantine
Minnie Ballantine
Amanda Ballantine
Helen Ballantine
Christie Ballantine
Georgina Ballantine
Martha Ballantine
Ada Ballantine
Maggey Ballantine
Bessie Ballantine
Lucy Ballantine
Ellen Ballantine
Avril Ballantine
Annah Ballantine
Jannet Ballantine
Edith Ballantine
Rebecca Ballantine
Maud Ballantine

Top occupations

Coal Miner
General Servant
Errand Boy
House Decorator
Book Folder
House Painter
Houses And Land And Dividends
Market Gardener Daur
Fitting Up Upholsterer
Farmers Wife
Farmer 26 Acres
Farmer 193 Acres 4 Men
Wood Carver
Floor Cloth Printers Lab
Gardener (Dom)
Gardener Dom Serv
Gen Gardner Domestic Serv
Floor Cloth Printer
Huxter Shop Keeper (Genl)
Cook Domestic
Drapers Wife
Brass Finisher
Boot Tree Finisher
Book Keeper
Book Binder
Boat Builder
Artificer Royal Navy Engine Room
Cabinet Maker
Certificated Teacher (Scm)
Drapers Son
Domestic Servant
Dom Serv Ladysmaid
Cotton Weaver
Cook Dom Serv
Commission Agent
Cloth Laborer