Banes in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Banes
James Banes
Thomas Banes
George Banes
William Banes
Charles Banes
Daniel Banes
Stephen Banes
Henry Banes
Robert Banes
Arthur Banes
Samuel Banes
Frederick Banes
Edward Banes
Joseph Banes
Walter Banes
Harry Banes
Thos. Banes
Richard Banes
Alfred Banes
Herbert Banes
Saml. Banes
Fredrick Banes
Fred Banes
Nathaniel Banes
Francis Banes
Michael Banes
Ebenizier Banes
Martin Banes
Wiliam Banes
Isaac Banes
Albert Banes
Teniman Banes
Roley Banes
Frank Banes
Moses Banes
Matth. Banes
Blyth Banes

Top female forenames

Mary Banes
Elizabeth Banes
Sarah Banes
Jane Banes
Emma Banes
Ellen Banes
Emily Banes
Ann Banes
Margaret Banes
Hannah Banes
Catherine Banes
Charlotte Banes
Frances Banes
Alice Banes
Eliza Banes
Harriett Banes
Caroline Banes
Rose Banes
Isabella Banes
Harriet Banes
Annie Banes
Martha Banes
Lucy Banes
Fanny Banes
Esther Banes
Agnes Banes
Janes Banes
Rachel Banes
May Banes
Henrietta Banes
Edith Banes
Maria Banes
Cathe. Banes
Mabel Banes
Flora Banes
Tilley Banes
Louisa Banes
Ethel Banes
Susan Banes
Anne Banes
Lizzie Banes
Ester Banes
S. Banes
Julia Banes
Rebecca Banes
Ady Banes
Elizth. Banes
Phebe Banes
Hester Banes
Maude Banes

Top occupations

Nail Maker
Straw Plaiter
Coal Miner
General Laborer
Ag Lab
Agricultural Laborer
Ladies Hairdresser And Perfumer
Carpenter & Joiner
No Occupon
Domestic Servant
Employed At Home
Dress Maker
Farm 70 Ac
Farm Laborer
Cotton Weaver
Cow Keeper
Dom Serv
Dom Servant
Engine Fitter
Dress Maker Apprentice
Domest Servt
Coal Hurrier
Agric Lab
Blacksmith (Journeyman)
Blacksmith H M Dockyard
Blacksmith Journeyman
Boat Builder
Boiler Maker
Boot & Shoe Maker Employing 1 Man
Bricklayers Lab
Bricklayers Labourer
Builders Wife
Carpenter House
Carpenter Wife
Cheesmongers Assistant
Chelsea Pensioner
Clerk Brewers