Bankes in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Bankes
John Bankes
Robert Bankes
Joseph Bankes
Henry Bankes
James Bankes
George Bankes
Edward Bankes
Thomas Bankes
Harold Bankes
Matthew Bankes
Thos. Bankes
Albert Bankes
Stewart Bankes
Harry Bankes
Walter Bankes
Ralph Bankes
Gerard Bankes
Meyriels Bankes
Frederick Bankes
Eldon Bankes
David Bankes
Jesse Bankes
Angelo Bankes
Heyrick Bankes
Gerrard Bankes
Miles Bankes
Meyrick Bankes
Eustace Bankes
Mathew Bankes
Wynne Bankes
Arthur Bankes
Jerome Bankes
Alfred Bankes
Horatio Bankes
Samuel Bankes

Top female forenames

Mary Bankes
Elizabeth Bankes
Ellen Bankes
Jane Bankes
Ann Bankes
Sarah Bankes
Frances Bankes
Amy Bankes
Hannah Bankes
Margaret Bankes
Beatrice Bankes
Anne Bankes
Annie Bankes
Georgina Bankes
Florence Bankes
Kate Bankes
Emily Bankes
Clemintina Bankes
Harriet Bankes
Maria Bankes
Charlotte Bankes
Grace Bankes
Macy Bankes
Gertrude Bankes
Louisa Bankes
Lillie Bankes
Eva Bankes
Julia Bankes
Alice Bankes
Udile Bankes
Ada Bankes
Rhoda Bankes
Henrietta Bankes
Dorothy Bankes
Maud Bankes
Harriett Bankes
Martha Bankes
Clara Bankes
Cecily Bankes
Gladys Bankes
Louise Bankes
Lottey Bankes
Allison Bankes
Jessie Bankes
Agnes Bankes
Elizth Bankes
Hilda Bankes
Eleanor Bankes
Norah Bankes
Helena Bankes

Top occupations

Land Owner
Coal Miner
Land Owner Son
Income From Dividends
Kitchenmaid Domestic Servt
Labourer In Foundry (Iron)
J P For County Of Dorset
Land Owner Dau
Land Owner Wife
Painter & Decorator
Office Boy
No Occupation
Nail Maker
Masons Labourer
Magistrates Son
Magistrates Dau
Magistrate Of The County
Grocer And Greengrocer
Curate Of St Peters Pimlico
Colliery Proprietor Gentleman
Colliery & Landowner
Coal Dealer
Coach Builder And Trimmer
Boot Maker
Barrister At Law
Bank Clerk (Serv)
Excavator (Quarry)
Gentleman Gardener
Farmer of 11 Acres
General Provision Dealer
General Domestic Servt
Farmers Wife
Farmer Wife
Farmer Of 24 Acres Employ 2 Labourers
Farm Servant Indoor
Farm Servant