Banning in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Banning
William Banning
Henry Banning
James Banning
Thomas Banning
George Banning
Walter Banning
Charles Banning
Joseph Banning
Frederick Banning
Albert Banning
Robert Banning
Francis Banning
Chas. Banning
Alfred Banning
Hugh Banning
Arthur Banning
Tom Banning
Raymond Banning
A. Banning
Isaac Banning
Richard Banning
Harry Banning
Oliver Banning
Alexander Banning
Michael Banning
Frederic Banning
Edwin Banning
Benjamin Banning
Lewis Banning
Fred.Rex Banning
Job Banning
Edward Banning
Stephen Banning
Chas.W. Banning
Stanley Banning
Augustus Banning
Patrick Banning
Fredrick Banning
Will. Banning
Adino Banning
Josiah Banning
Frank Banning
Sylvester Banning
Earnest Banning
Staunton Banning
Hy. Banning
Harbord Banning
Ashford Banning
Patk. Banning

Top female forenames

Mary Banning
Sarah Banning
Charlotte Banning
Elizabeth Banning
Ann Banning
Edith Banning
Alice Banning
Eliza Banning
Ellen Banning
Annie Banning
Jane Banning
Emily Banning
Margaret Banning
Clara Banning
Catherine Banning
Florence Banning
Emma Banning
Louisa Banning
Ada Banning
Martha Banning
Anne Banning
Lucy Banning
Susan Banning
Harriet Banning
Amelia Banning
Agnes Banning
Fanny Banning
Esther Banning
Bertha Banning
Rose Banning
Elizath Banning
Nina Banning
Hannah Banning
Elizth. Banning
Gertrude Banning
Lizzie Banning
Frances Banning
Milicent Banning
Lavinia Banning
Winifred Banning
May Banning
Julia Banning
Sophia Banning
Maryann Banning
Bridget Banning
Ruth Banning
Ida Banning
Maria Banning
Augusta Banning
Helen Banning

Top occupations

Assistant Shopkeeper
Errand Boy
Ag Lab
Grocers Porter
Soldiers Wife
General Laborer
Coachman (D)
Lance Sergeant
General Servant
Domestic Servant
Engine Fitter At Works
Employed On Farm
Driver Royal Artillery
Work In The Fields Ag Lab
Dress Maker
Cook Domestic Unemployed
Detained Under Industrial Schools Acts
Dock Lab
Dock Labourer
Domestic Serv
Drapers Assistant
Agc Labourer
Brewers Laborer
Ag Labourer
Baker Master Employing (1 Man 1 Boy)
Bank Cashier
Bank Clerk
Barrister Practising
Butler Domestic Servt
Cabinet Maker
Care Of Offices
Carter On Farm
Cartridge Die Maker
Carver & Gilder
Cashier & Sectary To Club