Banting in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Banting
George Banting
James Banting
Charles Banting
Henry Banting
Thomas Banting
John Banting
Arthur Banting
Harry Banting
Robert Banting
Walter Banting
Richard Banting
Joseph Banting
Ernest Banting
Edward Banting
Jas. Banting
Frank Banting
Edwin Banting
Edgar Banting
Chas.D.L. Banting
Cecil Banting
Albert Banting
Thos. Banting
Fred Banting
Josiah Banting
Jonas Banting
Clement Banting
Hubert Banting
Benjamin Banting
Hary Banting
Allan Banting
Wm. Banting
Harold Banting
Fredk.Jas. Banting

Top female forenames

Mary Banting
Sarah Banting
Elizabeth Banting
Emily Banting
Eliza Banting
Annie Banting
Alice Banting
Emma Banting
Jane Banting
Ellen Banting
Edith Banting
Maria Banting
Florence Banting
Fanny Banting
Harriet Banting
Lucy Banting
Ada Banting
Minnie Banting
Ann Banting
Margaret Banting
Helen Banting
Caroline Banting
Flora Banting
Anne Banting
Eva Banting
Angelina Banting
Esther Banting
Agnis Banting
Leah Banting
Jessie Banting
Eleanor Banting
Isabella Banting
Clara Banting
Susan Banting
Harriett Banting
Catharine Banting
Rosa Banting
Martha Banting
Ethel Banting
Agnes Banting
Louie Banting
Juliana Banting
Charlot Banting
Naomi Banting

Top occupations

Labourer (General)
Servant Domestic
Book Binder
Asst To Cabinet Manufacturer
Agl Labr
Farm Servant
Errand Boy
Gardener Dom
Engineers Apprentice
Gen Serv Out Of Employ
Gen Servant
Gen Serv Dom
Formerly Bookfolder
Formerly Needlewoman
G Shop Warehouse Labourer
Gen Lab
G Shop Warehouse Labourer Wife
Gardeners Wife
Gardener & Greengrocer
Care Of Brook
Cook Domestic Servant
Cook Domestic Serv
Boiler Maker
Blind Maker
Beer Retailer
Asst Blind Maker
Articled Clerk To Solr
Ag Labourer
Ag Lab Carter
Brewers Lab
Cabinet Manufacturer
Coachmans Wife
Coachman Domestic Servt
Clerk Metropoltn Ry
Carpenters Wife
Carpenter Employing 1 Man 1 Boy