Banton in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Banton
John Banton
George Banton
Thomas Banton
Joseph Banton
James Banton
Samuel Banton
Edward Banton
Henry Banton
Albert Banton
Robert Banton
Alfred Banton
Israel Banton
Arthur Banton
Frederick Banton
Charles Banton
Harry Banton
Ernest Banton
Herbert Banton
Jabez Banton
Percy Banton
Walter Banton
Valentine Banton
Timothy Banton
Earnest Banton
Stephen Banton
Cyril Banton
Ruben Banton
Bertram Banton
Richard Banton
Henery Banton
Miles Banton
Willy Banton
Mary Banton
Leonard Banton
Francis Banton
W.H.H. Banton
Edwin Banton
Tom Banton
Jno.Henry Banton
Edmund Banton
Daniel Banton
Hurbert Banton
Bertie Banton
Wm. Banton
Meham Banton
G. Banton
Willie Banton
Lewis Banton
Fred. Banton

Top female forenames

Mary Banton
Elizabeth Banton
Sarah Banton
Ann Banton
Jane Banton
Eliza Banton
Annie Banton
Margaret Banton
Hannah Banton
Alice Banton
Maria Banton
Martha Banton
Emily Banton
Charlotte Banton
Emma Banton
Lucy Banton
Isabella Banton
Harriet Banton
Rebecca Banton
Susannah Banton
Agnes Banton
Frances Banton
Octavie Banton
Kate Banton
Bertha Banton
Edith Banton
Amelia Banton
Clara Banton
Florence Banton
Catherine Banton
Bessie Banton
Julia Banton
May Banton
Bella Banton
Harry Banton
Eleanor Banton
E. Banton
Mabel Banton
Amabel Banton
Grace Banton
Clementine Banton
Louisa Banton
Rosa Banton
Lottie Banton
A. Banton
Fanny Banton
Betty Banton
Lillian Banton
Eunice Banton
Naomi Banton

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Ag Lab
General Labourer
No Occupation
Cotton Weaver
Cabinet Maker
General Laborer
House Keeper
House Painter
Dom Serv
Milk Carrier
Railway Porter
Slater & Plasterer
Worsted Weaver
Cab Driver
Dress Maker
Railway Servant (O Ry D)
Brewers Labour
Brewery Laborer
Farm Servant
Curate Of St Mary Church (Wife)
Domestic Serv
Agcul Labourer
Cotton Spinner
B A Cantab (Engaged In Scientific Purcuits)
Curate Of St Mary Church
Curate Of St Mary Church (Daur)
Army Pensioner
Calico Weaver
Clay Miner
Clerk India Office
Clerk Inspector Supervision Gen Supplies India Office
Brewery Engine Driver
Brass Moulder
Bookcase Maker (Cabinet Maker)
Boiler Maker