Banwell in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Banwell
William Banwell
George Banwell
Henry Banwell
Charles Banwell
James Banwell
Joseph Banwell
Albert Banwell
Arthur Banwell
Thomas Banwell
Robert Banwell
Edwin Banwell
Frank Banwell
Edward Banwell
Benjamin Banwell
Gilbert Banwell
Frederick Banwell
Jeremiah Banwell
David Banwell
Harry Banwell
Edmund Banwell
Alfred Banwell
Walter Banwell
Francis Banwell
Walford Banwell
Lot Banwell
Fredk.C. Banwell
Tom Banwell
Bertram Banwell
Sydney Banwell
Jesse Banwell
Samuel Banwell
Jas. Banwell
Riley Banwell
Isaac Banwell
Dennis Banwell
Otto Banwell
Horatio Banwell
Congreve Banwell
Octavious Banwell
Wm. Banwell
Clare Banwell
Maurice Banwell
Chas. Banwell
Luke Banwell
Geo.Wm. Banwell
Wadham Banwell
Cecil Banwell
Leonard Banwell
Benjm. Banwell

Top female forenames

Mary Banwell
Sarah Banwell
Ann Banwell
Jane Banwell
Emily Banwell
Emma Banwell
Elizabeth Banwell
Ellen Banwell
Alice Banwell
Hannah Banwell
Martha Banwell
Eliza Banwell
Louisa Banwell
Fanny Banwell
Annie Banwell
Frances Banwell
Ruth Banwell
Florence Banwell
Ella Banwell
Ada Banwell
Harriett Banwell
Caroline Banwell
Lucy Banwell
Rose Banwell
Bessie Banwell
Lillian Banwell
Rebecca Banwell
Leah Banwell
Anna Banwell
Amy Banwell
Harriot Banwell
Maria Banwell
Harriet Banwell
Charlotte Banwell
Sophia Banwell
Betty Banwell
Rosaline Banwell
Lilla Banwell
Phoebe Banwell
Lavinia Banwell
Nancy Banwell
Julia Banwell
Matilda Banwell
Adelaide Banwell
Elise Banwell
Clarissa Banwell
Margaret Banwell
Susanah Banwell
Celia Banwell
Mabel Banwell

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Farmers Wife
Farmers Son
Farmers Daughter
Agricultural Labourer
Lodging House Keeper
Retired Farmer
Farmers Daur
General Labourer
Ships Fireman (Seaman)
No Occupation
General Servant (Domestic)
Hurdle Maker
Assistant In Coal Business Coal Lab
Labourers Wife
Brick Maker
Farmers Nephew
Boot Maker
Domestic Servant
Domestic General Servant
Employed At Factory (Shirt)
Dress Maker
Domestic Servant Cook
Eng Driver
Dressmaker & Milliner
Domestic (Ag)
Bricklayers Lab Out Of Emply
Ag Laborers Widow
Assistant To Draper
Assists In Business (T S)
Auctioneers Clerk
Bookstall Minder (Bookseller)
Ag Labr
Brickmakers Burner
Butchers (Assistant)
Carpenter (Apprentice)