Barbour in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Barbour
William Barbour
James Barbour
Robert Barbour
Thomas Barbour
George Barbour
Wm. Barbour
Joseph Barbour
Frederick Barbour
David Barbour
Hugh Barbour
Peter Barbour
Alexander Barbour
Samuel Barbour
Henry Barbour
Milow Barbour
Maurice Barbour
Benjamin Barbour
Worley Barbour
Malcolm Barbour
Allan Barbour
Jos.M.H. Barbour
Alex. Barbour
Saml. Barbour
Richard Barbour
Harry Barbour
Patrick Barbour
Edward Barbour
Michael Barbour
Charles Barbour
Matthew Barbour
Arthur Barbour
W.S. Barbour
Humphrey Barbour
Ralph Barbour
Greenwood Barbour
Percy Barbour

Top female forenames

Mary Barbour
Margaret Barbour
Agnes Barbour
Elizabeth Barbour
Jane Barbour
Sarah Barbour
Ellen Barbour
Janet Barbour
Catherine Barbour
Annie Barbour
Ann Barbour
Caroline Barbour
Emma Barbour
Hannah Barbour
Margt. Barbour
Martha Barbour
Maria Barbour
Alice Barbour
Louisa Barbour
Rebecka Barbour
Gertrude Barbour
Marion Barbour
Eva Barbour
Alison Barbour
Ellonor Barbour
Malinda Barbour
Lily Barbour
Eleanour Barbour
Janett Barbour
Clara Barbour
Winnie Barbour
Charlotte Barbour
Hilda Barbour
Priscilla Barbour
Grace Barbour
Anne Barbour
Florence Barbour
Amelia Barbour
Elia Barbour
Jeannette Barbour
Eleanor Barbour
Christian Barbour
Susannah Barbour
Isabela Barbour

Top occupations

Office Boy In Warehouse
Commercial Clerk
Ship Riveter
Clothier (Tailor)
Formerly Weaver
Labourer (Railway)
Fitter (Eng)
Esquire Barrister At Law Not Practising
Errand Boy
Entertainist (Showman)
Wine Salesman
Iron Master
Gen Domestic Serv
General Practitioner M.D.Edin.
Housekeeper Etc
Headmistress School Board
Genl Serv
General Ser
Engineer (E & M)
Engineer ( E & M)
Coal Weighman (At Colliery)
Boilersmith Unemployed
Clerk To Wine Merchant
Carter Horse Driver
Carps Crew
Boiler Smith At Factory
Bakers Wife
Company Housekeeper (Lodg)
Cotton Spinner
Engine Tenter
Engine Fitter At Works
Drapers Assistant
Draper Wife
Draper Employing 1 Man
Domestic Servant
Dock Laborer
Cotton Weaver