Barcroft in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

Thomas Barcroft
John Barcroft
William Barcroft
Henry Barcroft
James Barcroft
George Barcroft
Jonathan Barcroft
Richard Barcroft
Barnard Barcroft
Joseph Barcroft
Alfred Barcroft
Ernest Barcroft
Charles Barcroft
Arthur Barcroft
David Barcroft
Jno. Barcroft
Adrian Barcroft
Herbert Barcroft
Harry Barcroft
Richd. Barcroft
Renny Barcroft
Norman Barcroft
Edmund Barcroft
Mathew Barcroft
Albert Barcroft
Thos.Hy. Barcroft
Samuel Barcroft
Gerge Barcroft
Frederick Barcroft
Penrose Barcroft
Edward Barcroft
Matthew Barcroft
Mary Barcroft

Top female forenames

Mary Barcroft
Elizabeth Barcroft
Alice Barcroft
Sarah Barcroft
Ann Barcroft
Martha Barcroft
Jane Barcroft
Margaret Barcroft
Clara Barcroft
Frances Barcroft
Emma Barcroft
Louisa Barcroft
Ellen Barcroft
Hannah Barcroft
Betsy Barcroft
Maria Barcroft
Ruth Barcroft
Eliza Barcroft
Harriett Barcroft
Lydia Barcroft
Peggy Barcroft
Florence Barcroft
Esther Barcroft
Ada Barcroft
Lucy Barcroft
Emily Barcroft
Lilly Barcroft
Susan Barcroft
Elizebth Barcroft
Kate Barcroft
Isabella Barcroft
Rebecca Barcroft
Edna Barcroft
Minnie Barcroft
Grace Barcroft
Betty Barcroft
Annie Barcroft
Margt. Barcroft
Fanny Barcroft
Leah Barcroft
Roseannah Barcroft
Eliz. Barcroft
Helen Barcroft
Edith Barcroft
Charlotte Barcroft
Gertrude Barcroft

Top occupations

Cotton Weaver
Cotton Spinner
Eware Paintress
Soap Boiler
Block Printer
Farmers Wife
Quarryman (S)
Farmer Of 25 Acres
Engine Driver (Railway)
Dress Maker
Cow Man (Ag Lab)
Worsted Weaver
Gas & Water Fitter
Engineer (Foreman)
Engineer (Foreman) (& M)
Farmer Retired
Farmer Of 15 Acres
Farmer 19 Acres
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Felt Carpet Manufacturers Wife
Farm Laborer
Eware Thrower
Formerly Felt Manufacturer
Cotton Winder
Cotton Weaver Wife
Card Tenter
Calico Machine Printer
Cabinet Maker
Basket Maker
Back Tenter In Cotton Print Works
At Home
Clerk Grocery Store
Clerk Woollen Mill
Coach Trimmer
Cotton Manufacturer
Cotton Frame Tenter
Cotton Doffer
Cotton Cloth Looker
Cotton Check Weaver
Coppersmiths Apprentice
Coal Miner