Bardill in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Bardill
William Bardill
Thomas Bardill
Joseph Bardill
James Bardill
Harry Bardill
Robert Bardill
Henry Bardill
George Bardill
Samuel Bardill
Herbert Bardill
Frederic Bardill
Edward Bardill
Byron Bardill
Albert Bardill
Ernest Bardill
Charles Bardill
Arthur Bardill
Abel Bardill
Neville Bardill

Top female forenames

Sarah Bardill
Ellen Bardill
Mary Bardill
Ann Bardill
Ada Bardill
Alice Bardill
Harriet Bardill
Emily Bardill
Hannah Bardill
Fanny Bardill
Eliza Bardill
Maud Bardill
Annie Bardill
Martha Bardill
Lucy Bardill
Kate Bardill
Gertrude Bardill
Thirza Bardill
Elizabeth Bardill
Rachel Bardill
Edith Bardill
Maria Bardill
Katie Bardill
Jeaine Bardill

Top occupations

Assist Schoolmaster
Matron March Charity
Lace Hand
Labourer Ironworks
Laborer In Iron Works
Laborer At Pot Works
Milk Seller
Nail Cutter
No Occupation
Oil & Colorman
Pupil Teacher
Railway Engine Driver
Railway Laborer
Servant Domestic
Iron Turner
Iron Moulder
Inn Keeper
Bedstead Painting (O)
China Dealer
Coal Miner
Colliery Horse Driver
Colliery Lab
Cordwainer & Small Farmer
Cordwainer Emp 1 Man & 1 Boy
Domestic Housemaid
Foreman To Nurseryman
Gas Tube Worker
Groom Domestic Servant
Hammer Man (Blacksmith)
House & Sign Painter
Weaver Of Silk