Barff in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Charles Barff
John Barff
William Barff
Arthur Barff
Richard Barff
George Barff
Frederic Barff
Albert Barff
Joseph Barff
Francis Barff
Robt. Barff
Alexander Barff
Otto Barff
Aaron Barff
J. Barff
Willie Barff
Fredk. Barff
Victor Barff
Samuel Barff
Edward Barff
Robert Barff
Reginald Barff
James Barff
Henry Barff
Zacharias Barff
Geo. Barff
Frederick Barff
Thos.R. Barff

Top female forenames

Mary Barff
Annie Barff
Jane Barff
Emma Barff
Ann Barff
Elizabeth Barff
Fanny Barff
Ada Barff
Edith Barff
Charlotte Barff
Alice Barff
Cather. Barff
Helen Barff
Bella Barff
Harret Barff
Gertrude Barff
Sarah Barff
Ethel Barff
Emily Barff
Maria Barff
Louisa Barff
Lilie Barff
Bertha Barff
Harriett Barff
Hannah Barff
Theadora Barff
Naomi Barff
Martha Barff
Ellen Barff
Margaret Barff
Eleanor Barff
Lillie Barff
Clara Barff
Jessie Barff

Top occupations

Farmers Son
Brick Lare
Shoe Maker
Labourer (Genl)
Monthly Nurse
Monies From Landed Property
Master Marriners Wife
Maltsters Labourer
General Clerk (Comm)
Iron Moulder At Works
Private School
Wife Of A Draper
Undergraduate London University Law Student
Teacher Of Music Etc
Stone Mason
Shop Assistant
Shoe Shop Boy
Sailor (2nd Officer In Man Line)
Retired Medit... Merchant Banker
Inmate Of Reformatory
In Pensioner
Housemaid Domestic
Coal Miner
Clerk To High Bailiff Birkenhead County Court (Oth County Off)
Clergyman Head Master
Chief Clerk In County Court (And Solicitors Managing Clerk)
Bricklayer Foreman
Boot Maker
Classical Tutor
Errand Boy
Estate Agent
House Painter
Home Duties
Grocers Errand Boy
Governess (Teacher)
General Servant
General Lab
Farm Labourer
Bolt And Screw Smith