Barge in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Barge
John Barge
Thomas Barge
James Barge
Henry Barge
George Barge
Frederick Barge
Robert Barge
Arthur Barge
Joseph Barge
Alfred Barge
Charles Barge
Harry Barge
Richard Barge
Samuel Barge
Edward Barge
Benjamin Barge
Albert Barge
Matthew Barge
David Barge
Philip Barge
Ernest Barge
Tom Barge
Sydney Barge
Herbert Barge
Ronald Barge
Wm. Barge
Phillip Barge
Francis Barge
Edwin Barge
Walter Barge
Thos. Barge
Clifford Barge
Theophilus Barge
Issac Barge
Sidney Barge
Horace Barge
Saml.N. Barge
Heoris Barge
Alexander Barge
Robt. Barge
Willm. Barge
Wiliam Barge
Leonard Barge
Jonny Barge
Daniel Barge
Christopher Barge
Hubert Barge

Top female forenames

Mary Barge
Elizabeth Barge
Sarah Barge
Ann Barge
Annie Barge
Emily Barge
Alice Barge
Emma Barge
Eliza Barge
Caroline Barge
Lucy Barge
Ellen Barge
Susan Barge
Louisa Barge
Jane Barge
Harriett Barge
Anne Barge
Kate Barge
Edith Barge
Martha Barge
Catherine Barge
Agnes Barge
Maria Barge
Charlotte Barge
Hannah Barge
Fanny Barge
Rose Barge
Amy Barge
Helen Barge
Clara Barge
Margaret Barge
Harriet Barge
Florence Barge
Sophia Barge
Henrietta Barge
D. Barge
Zilpha Barge
Ada Barge
Madeline Barge
Tresea Barge
Lydia Barge
Francis Barge
Baby Barge
Laura Barge
Esther Barge
Priscilla Barge
Amanda Barge
Jessie Barge
Matilda Barge
Isabella Barge

Top occupations

Domestic Servant
Errand Boy
No Occupation
General Servant
School Mistris
General Serv
Web Weaver
Labourer Excavator
Cigar Maker
Partner In Above (Boot Seller)
House Painter
Boot Fitter
Cutlery Manager
Dom Serv Housemaid
Dom Serv Gardener
Dairywoman Ag Lab
Dairyman (A L)
Cutlery Manufacturer
Cook Domestic Serv
Coppersmith Labourer
Cotton Manufacturer
Dairymaid (AL)
Cabinet Maker (Employing 1 Man And 2 Boys)
Wife Poulterer
Agric Lab
Assistant (Shopman)
Assists In Housework
Bedstead Maker (Iron)
Boot Seller & Boot Machinist Employing 10 Women & Girls
Caretaker Of School
Carpenters Laborer
Carpenters Wife
Certificated Teacher
Cheesemonger Assistant
Cheesemonger Wife
Chemist And Drugist
Clerk Colonial Brokers