Barkes in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Barkes
John Barkes
George Barkes
Thomas Barkes
Charles Barkes
Joseph Barkes
James Barkes
Robert Barkes
Edwd. Barkes
Robt. Barkes
Arthur Barkes
Ralph Barkes
Albert Barkes
Harry Barkes
Harold Barkes
Geo. Barkes
Thos. Barkes
Edward Barkes
Samuel Barkes
Benjamin Barkes
Alert Barkes
Newton Barkes
Isaac Barkes
Harrison Barkes

Top female forenames

Mary Barkes
Ann Barkes
Sarah Barkes
... Barkes
Isabella Barkes
Ellen Barkes
Eliza Barkes
Dorothy Barkes
Miriam Barkes
Annie Barkes
Martha Barkes
Adelaide Barkes
Lydia Barkes
Jane Barkes
Florence Barkes
Emma Barkes
Elizabeth Barkes
S. Barkes
Eleanor Barkes
Rosilie Barkes
Catherine Barkes
Margt.E. Barkes Barkes
Joice Barkes
Fanny Barkes
Ruth Barkes

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Ag Lab
Limestone Quarryman
Linen Weaver
Mason's Laborer
Nurse (Dom)
Retired Shipbuilder
Road Laborer
Seagoing Carpenters Wife
Spirit Cellarman
Signal Boy (Railway)
Solicitor Of The Supreme Court
Solicitor Of The Supreme Court Wife
Labourer To Plumber
Carter (Agr Lab)
Colliery Clerk
Domestic Cook
Engine Driver
Farm Servant
General Labourer
General Servant (Domestic)
House Builder
Iron Stone Miner
Labourer At Manure Works
Worsted Weaver