Barkus in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Barkus
Joseph Barkus
Charles Barkus
Samuel Barkus
Thomas Barkus
James Barkus
George Barkus
Robert Barkus
Bertram Barkus
Arthur Barkus
Thos. Barkus
Michael Barkus
John Barkus
Henry Barkus
Frank Barkus
Blackett Barkus
Benjamin Barkus
Walter Barkus
Albert Barkus

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Barkus
Harriet Barkus
Margaret Barkus
Sarah Barkus
Ada Barkus
Frances Barkus
Ann Barkus
Isabella Barkus
Annie Barkus
Jane Barkus
Emily Barkus
Selina Barkus
Rebecca Barkus
Edith Barkus
Mary Barkus
Dorothy Barkus
Kate Barkus
Hannah Barkus
Emma Barkus
Susan Barkus
Ellen Barkus
Eliza Barkus
Minna Barkus
E. Barkus
Martha Barkus
Louisa Barkus

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Coal Miner
Domestic Servant
Labr In Biscuit Manufactory
Miller (Corn) (Serv)
Mining Engineer
Overman In Coal Mine
Parlour Maid Domestic Serv
(Dom Serv)
Printers Boy
Railway Engine Driver
Railway Labourer
Ry Locomotive Engine Driver
Justce Of Peace Boro Of Gateshd M D St Andrws M R C S Eng Genrl Pract
Housemaid Servant Domestic
Colliery Cashire (Clk)
Commercial Clerk With Grindstone Manfr
Doctors Wife
Engine Driver G W R
Farm Labourer
Gen Serv
Hammerman Iron
Housemaid Servant (Dos)