Barningham in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Robert Barningham
John Barningham
James Barningham
Thomas Barningham
George Barningham
Charles Barningham
William Barningham
Henry Barningham
Joseph Barningham
Fred Barningham
Edward Barningham
Christopher Barningham
Frank Barningham
Samuel Barningham
D. Barningham
Ruben Barningham
Peter Barningham
Albert Barningham
Luther Barningham
Jonathan Barningham
Jas. Barningham
W. Barningham
Terrance Barningham
Simon Barningham
S. Barningham
Arthur Barningham
Margaret Barningham
Wm. Barningham
Walter Barningham
Strawson Barningham

Top female forenames

Mary Barningham
Elizabeth Barningham
Sarah Barningham
Ann Barningham
A. Barningham
Alice Barningham
Catherine Barningham
Margaret Barningham
Bertha Barningham
Jane Barningham
Harriet Barningham
Florence Barningham
Emma Barningham
E. Barningham
Clara Barningham
Margt. Barningham
Caroline Barningham
M. Barningham
Annie Barningham
Isabella Barningham
Hannah Barningham
Eva Barningham
Emiline Barningham
Eliza Barningham
Theodosia Barningham
Dinah Barningham

Top occupations

Dress Maker
No Occupation
Managing Director Manchester Trade (Cotton Dlr)
Machine Hand(Seamstress)(Sewing)
Licensed Hawker
Iron Miner
Grooms Wife
Grooms Dau
Groom 8
Markt Gardener
Stone Mason
Retired Ironworker
Retired Ironmaster
Railway Man
Police Constable
Occupation Womans (Baker)
Mechanic Engine (E & M)
Forgerman At Iron Works
Fitter (Engine) (At Works)
Clerk Ironworks
Chemical Labourer
Char Woman
Carpenters Son
Carpenter Master Employing 1 Man & Apprentice
Carpenter (Apprentice)
Biscuit Baker
Clogger Wife
Coal & Coke Merchant
Farmers Daur
Farmers Daughter
Farmer Wife
Farmer Of 275 Acres Employing 4 Men
Farmer 8 Acres
Farmer (Retired)
Driver Tramway(Ser)
Driver Bus
Baker Unployed Her (Nil)