Barrass in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Barrass
William Barrass
Thomas Barrass
George Barrass
James Barrass
Robert Barrass
Henry Barrass
Joseph Barrass
Edward Barrass
Richard Barrass
Matthew Barrass
Alexander Barrass
Alfred Barrass
Charles Barrass
Samuel Barrass
Andrew Barrass
Walter Barrass
Cuthbert Barrass
Christopher Barrass
Ralph Barrass
Albert Barrass
Arthur Barrass
Timothy Barrass
Wm. Barrass
Fred Barrass
Jno. Barrass
Francis Barrass
Herbert Barrass
Martin Barrass
Stephen Barrass
Frederick Barrass
Frank Barrass
Oliver Barrass
Isaac Barrass
Mathew Barrass
Benjamin Barrass
Wilfred Barrass
Nicholas Barrass
Absalam Barrass
Tom Barrass
Abraham Barrass
Hempseed Barrass
H... Barrass
C. Barrass
Joshoua Barrass
Septimus Barrass
Asher Barrass
Jonothan Barrass
Saml. Barrass
Archibold Barrass

Top female forenames

Mary Barrass
Elizabeth Barrass
Sarah Barrass
Jane Barrass
Annie Barrass
Hannah Barrass
Ann Barrass
Isabella Barrass
Margaret Barrass
Ellen Barrass
Esther Barrass
Eliza Barrass
Clara Barrass
Susannah Barrass
Catherine Barrass
Eleanor Barrass
Alice Barrass
Kate Barrass
Harriet Barrass
Emily Barrass
Lucy Barrass
Dorothy Barrass
Emma Barrass
Elisabeth Barrass
Minnie Barrass
Grace Barrass
Frances Barrass
Ada Barrass
Margret Barrass
Rose Barrass
Ellenor Barrass
Isa. Barrass
Lousia Barrass
Florence Barrass
Adelaide Barrass
Maria Barrass
Charlotte Barrass
Pheobe Barrass
Amy Barrass
Edith Barrass
Eveline Barrass
Martha Barrass
Leah Barrass
Margt.J. Barrass
Christina Barrass
Sabina Barrass
Cecilia Barrass
Margary Barrass
Rebecca Barrass
Elizth.A. Barrass

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Machine Smith
Railway Signalman
Miners Wife
Engine Fitter
General Laborer
Iron Moulder
Cloth Weaver (Woollen)
Dress Maker
Cloth Finisher
Coal Miners Wife
General Serv
Chemist Apprentice
Glass Maker
House Keeper
Cloth Weaver
No Occupation
Mariners Widow
Linen Weaver
Apprentice Blacksmith
General Labourer
General Servant Domestic
House Agent
Mas Mariner(Seaman)
Woollen Cloth Weaver
Ag Lab
Coal Miner Wife
Coal Miners Daughter
Brush Maker
Worsted Spinning Overlooker
Butcher & Farmer Of 31 Ac Employ 2 Men & 1 Boy
Butcher & Farmer Of 31 Ac Employ 2 Men & 1 Boy Wife Of Above
Cabinet Maker
Captain Of Keel
Burler & Knotter (Woollen Mill)
Blacksmith Wife
Baptist Minster