Barstow in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Barstow
George Barstow
William Barstow
Thomas Barstow
Joseph Barstow
Henry Barstow
Charles Barstow
James Barstow
Alfred Barstow
Herbert Barstow
Fred Barstow
David Barstow
Walter Barstow
Frank Barstow
Samuel Barstow
Arthur Barstow
Edwin Barstow
Abraham Barstow
Edward Barstow
Jonathan Barstow
Albert Barstow
Jacob Barstow
Geo. Barstow
Richard Barstow
Willie Barstow
Percy Barstow
Ernest Barstow
Lewis Barstow
Harry Barstow
Christopher Barstow
Robert Barstow
Benjamin Barstow
Oliver Barstow
Allen Barstow
Jas. Barstow
Tom Barstow
Firth Barstow
Montague Barstow
Ellis Barstow
Maurice Barstow
Stuart Barstow
Mathew Barstow
Hedley Barstow
Shaw Barstow
Leonard Barstow
Sam Barstow
Jubb Barstow
Wm. Barstow
Benson Barstow
Fredrick Barstow

Top female forenames

Mary Barstow
Elizabeth Barstow
Sarah Barstow
Jane Barstow
Annie Barstow
Ann Barstow
Martha Barstow
Hannah Barstow
Eliza Barstow
Florence Barstow
Ada Barstow
Emma Barstow
Alice Barstow
Maria Barstow
Ellen Barstow
Harriet Barstow
Louisa Barstow
Ethel Barstow
Francis Barstow
Emily Barstow
Gertrude Barstow
Nancy Barstow
Frances Barstow
Matilda Barstow
Clara Barstow
Julia Barstow
Charlotte Barstow
Isabella Barstow
Rose Barstow
Beatrice Barstow
Catherine Barstow
Selina Barstow
Ruth Barstow
Bertha Barstow
Lily Barstow
Laura Barstow
Edith Barstow
Kittie Barstow
Thirzia Barstow
Amanda Barstow
Susannah Barstow
Agnes Barstow
Fanny Barstow
Jenny Barstow
Sophia Barstow
Caroline Barstow
Margaret Barstow
Betsy Barstow
Isabel Barstow
Emiline Barstow

Top occupations

Worsted Operative
Cabinet Maker
Coal Miner
Stone Mason
Worsted Weaver
Hat Trimmer
Farm Labourer
Power Loom Cotton Weaver
Woollen Weaver
Cotton Reeler
Domestic Servant
House Wife
Coal Merchant
Housekeeper (Dom)
Mule Spinner Piecer (Woollen)
Dress Maker
House Work
Fancy Confectioner
Woolen Operative
Medical Student
Engine Fitter At Colliery
Apprentice Wheelwright
(C) Knotter
Coronor For The County Of York Local
Cotton Feeder
Carpenter Wife
Blankett Raiser
Cart Driver
Carver And Gilder
Cattle Spice Man Employ 2 Men
Card FetlerWife
Card Fetler At (Woollen Mill)
Boot Rivitter
Booksellers Assistant
Blankett Raiser Wife