Baseley in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Baseley
John Baseley
George Baseley
James Baseley
Charles Baseley
Thomas Baseley
Joseph Baseley
Henry Baseley
Frederick Baseley
Richard Baseley
Arthur Baseley
Albert Baseley
Edwin Baseley
Walter Baseley
Frank Baseley
Amos Baseley
Samuel Baseley
Job Baseley
Simon Baseley
Edward Baseley
Robert Baseley
Daniel Baseley
Benjamin Baseley
Jesse Baseley
Wm. Baseley
Aaron Baseley
Edgar Baseley
Per. Baseley
Ben Baseley
Athr Baseley
Anthony Baseley
Wm.H. Baseley
Alfred Baseley
Willm. Baseley
Abraham Baseley
Reginald Baseley
Josiah Baseley
Bedford Baseley

Top female forenames

Mary Baseley
Sarah Baseley
Elizabeth Baseley
Caroline Baseley
Ann Baseley
Eliza Baseley
Alice Baseley
Ellen Baseley
Harriet Baseley
Fanny Baseley
Charlotte Baseley
Annie Baseley
Harriett Baseley
Hannah Baseley
Jane Baseley
Clara Baseley
Anne Baseley
Julia Baseley
Rebecca Baseley
Amy Baseley
Isabel Baseley
Phoebe Baseley
Agnes Baseley
Mercy Baseley
Ada Baseley
Eleonor Baseley
Frances Baseley
Dinah Baseley
Marian Baseley
Thomazine Baseley
Mable Baseley
Ethelda Baseley
Sussanna Baseley
Lydia Baseley
Emmeline Baseley
Susan Baseley
Kate Baseley
Emily Baseley
Elizth. Baseley
Rachel Baseley
Hilda Baseley
Eliza.Jane Baseley
Minnie Baseley
Adelaide Baseley
Elin Baseley
May Baseley
Gebelia Baseley
Edith Baseley
Martha Baseley
Florence Baseley

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Agril Labourer
Clicker (Boot)
General Labourer
School Mistress
At Home
Farm Labourer
Formerly Domestic Serv
Farmer 81 Acres Employs 1 Man & 1 Boy
Farmer 600 Acres 2 Men 1 Boy
Farmer & Grazier
Farm Labr
General Laboorer
Iron Stone Miner
Interest Of Money
House Keeper
Gun Maker
Grazier 24 Ac 1 Boy
Genl Serv (Domestic)
General Serv Domestic
Wife Of Farm Laboror
Cattle Dealers Agent
Bartender And Farmer
Bartenders Wife
Boot Maker
Brass Finisher (Chandelier)
Brewery Man
Bricklayers Labr
Cab Propietor
Clerk To Iron Merchant
Cook (Dom)
Curate Of All Saints Newton Heath
Curates Wife
Domestic Ser
Domestic Servant