Baskett in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Baskett
John Baskett
Charles Baskett
James Baskett
Henry Baskett
George Baskett
Robert Baskett
Walter Baskett
Thomas Baskett
Harry Baskett
Albert Baskett
Edward Baskett
Herbert Baskett
Geo. Baskett
Frederick Baskett
Nathaniel Baskett
Joseph Baskett
Edwin Baskett
Edmund Baskett
Samuel Baskett
Richard Baskett
Alfred Baskett
Ernest Baskett
Jasper Baskett
Edgar Baskett
Seymour Baskett
Harry.Claude Baskett
Sam Baskett
Goorge Baskett
Bertram Baskett
Amos Baskett
Ralph Baskett
Alfd. Baskett
Frank Baskett
Wm. Baskett
Ezekiel Baskett
Jesse Baskett
Thos.Edmd. Baskett
Stephen Baskett
Chas. Baskett
Cecil Baskett
Roland Baskett
Austin Baskett
Fredk. Baskett
Oliver Baskett
Fred Baskett
Wm.Chas. Baskett
Lewis Baskett
Francis Baskett
Willie Baskett

Top female forenames

Mary Baskett
Jane Baskett
Elizabeth Baskett
Emma Baskett
Annie Baskett
Sarah Baskett
Ellen Baskett
Eliza Baskett
Ann Baskett
Ada Baskett
Emily Baskett
Alice Baskett
Amelia Baskett
Fanny Baskett
Martha Baskett
Harriett Baskett
Rosina Baskett
Florence Baskett
Rose Baskett
Kate Baskett
Edith Baskett
Margaret Baskett
Agnes Baskett
Charlotte Baskett
Lucy Baskett
Selina Baskett
Minnie Baskett
Annette Baskett
Amy Baskett
Maria Baskett
Etheldred Baskett
Catherine Baskett
Lavinia Baskett
Eth.Ann Baskett
Caroline Baskett
Nellie Baskett
Janet Baskett
Matilda Baskett
Anna Baskett
Isabella Baskett
Angelina Baskett
Eleanor Baskett
Mariana Baskett
Hannah Baskett
H.Ellen Baskett
Cecelia Baskett
Lizzie Baskett
Ethel Baskett
Catharine Baskett
Katie Baskett

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Money At Interest
Agr Lab
Waterside Labourer
Domestic Servant
In Almshouse
Farm Labourer
Drapers Assistant
Factory Employee
Errand Boy
Wife Of Mason Server
Dom Serv
Erand Boy
Editors Daughter
Domestic At Home
Agricultural Laborer
Domestic Servant Cowman (Ag L)
Fancey Shop Keeper (Textile)
Draper Apprentice
Agricul Labr (Formerly)
Assistant General Labourer
At Home
Bankers Clerk
Blower St James Church (... Serv)
Boy Sorter G.P.O.
Builders Carman
Butchers Daur
Butchers Laborer
Cabinet Maker Apprentice
Carpenter Turner & Employing 1 Man Son Apprentice
Carpenters Wife
Carter On Farm
Cheese Factory
Cheese Factory Wife
Clerk To School Board