Basson in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Basson
Thomas Basson
James Basson
John Basson
Henry Basson
Joseph Basson
George Basson
Charles Basson
Frederick Basson
Harry Basson
Richard Basson
Arthur Basson
Alfred Basson
Ernest Basson
Edwin Basson
Robert Basson
Frank Basson
Edward Basson
Samuel Basson
Albert Basson
Walter Basson
Caleb Basson
Francis Basson
David Basson
Stephen Basson
C. Basson
Fredrick Basson
Benjamin Basson
Fredk. Basson
Arther Basson
Frederic Basson
Mark Basson
Jacob Basson
Daniel Basson
Sidney Basson
Bertie Basson
Robt.Geo. Basson
Fredk.Geo. Basson
Richd. Basson
Phillip Basson
Fred Basson
Josiah Basson
Wm. Basson
Jonathon Basson
Wiliam Basson
Tom Basson
Herbert Basson

Top female forenames

Mary Basson
Ann Basson
Elizabeth Basson
Emma Basson
Jane Basson
Alice Basson
Sarah Basson
Eliza Basson
Martha Basson
Rose Basson
Louisa Basson
Maria Basson
Edith Basson
Ellen Basson
Hannah Basson
Annie Basson
Susan Basson
Lydia Basson
Emily Basson
Lucy Basson
Eleanor Basson
Gertrude Basson
Lily Basson
Katie Basson
Isabella Basson
Matilda Basson
Amelia Basson
Sophia Basson
Charlotte Basson
Ruth Basson
Caroline Basson
Fanny Basson
Anna Basson
Hester Basson
Elizth.A. Basson
Amy Basson
Helena Basson
Marion Basson
Harriet Basson
Zilpha Basson
Margaret Basson
Ada Basson
Dorothy Basson
G. Basson
Cathre. Basson
Florence Basson
Rosinia Basson
Blanche Basson
Eva Basson
Priscilla Basson

Top occupations

Agricultural Labourer
Ag Lab
Farm Labourer
Woollen Weaver
Domestic Servant
General Laborer
Agl Labourer
Stone Mason
Farmers Labourer
Mill Hand Paper
General Servant
White Smith
Formerly Laundress
Dom Servant
Gardeners Wife
Engine Fitter
Engine Driver Foundary
Engineer Students
Farmer Of 90 Acres Empl 4 Men & Boys
Farmers Man Unemployed
Farmers Son
Fly Proprietor Employing 2 Men
Footman (Dom Serv)
Formerly Domestic Servant
Bricklayer Laborer
Bricklayers Wife
Cabinet Maker
Carpenter (Lodg)
Coachman (D)
Coal Miner
Coffee Stall Keeper
Colliery Banksman
Colliery Drawer
Commercial Clerk To Wine Merchant
Cotton Operative
Cotton Weaver
Dom Serv