Baster in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Baster
Charles Baster
Thomas Baster
George Baster
James Baster
Fredk. Baster
Samuel Baster
Frank Baster
Joseph Baster
Stephen Baster
John Baster
Arthur Baster
Herbert Baster
Harry Baster
Stanley Baster
Richard Baster
Edward Baster
Percy Baster
Authur Baster
Alfred Baster
Willie Baster
Henry Baster
Albert Baster
Walter Baster
Harrold Baster
Geo. Baster
Sidney Baster
Frederick Baster
Robert Baster
Ernest Baster
Philip Baster
Duiald Baster
Levi Baster
C.G. Baster
Alfonso Baster

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Baster
Mary Baster
Jane Baster
Louisa Baster
Margaret Baster
Alice Baster
Ada Baster
Ellen Baster
Anne Baster
Annie Baster
Ann Baster
Emma Baster
Isabella Baster
Helen Baster
Hannah Baster
Emily Baster
Elizth. Baster
Mabel Baster
Edith Baster
Kate Baster
Caroline Baster
Isabel Baster
Selina Baster
Harriet Baster
Sarah Baster
Frances Baster
Agatha Baster
Phoebe Baster
Martha Baster
Magdalene Baster
Clara Baster
Jessie Baster
Bertha Baster
Susannah Baster
Amelia Baster
Sarahann Baster
Agness Baster
Rebecca Baster
Florence Baster
Adelaide Baster

Top occupations

Solicitors Clerk
Warehouseman India Rubber Works
Nautical Instrument Maker (Philo)...
Mason Wife
Mason Employing 4 Men & 2 Boys
Housemaid Dom Serv
Groom (Dom)
Litho Draughtsman
Family Grocer
Lithographic Writer
Petty Officer R N
Servant (Dom)
Serv Domestic
Schoolmistress Teacher
School Mistress Pupil Teacher
Saleswoman Art Treasures
Roman Catholic Priest
Probaty Nurse Hopl
Print & Machine Manager
General Serv Dom
General Labourer
Coal Miner
Chemical Preparer (Man) (1st)
Carriers Agent
Cap Qr Deck
Canal Carrier
Cabinet Maker
Beer Bottler (Cellarman)
Drapers Assistant
General Domestic (Servt)
General Domestic
Formerly Horse Dealer
Formerly Dressmaker
Foreman Wife
Foreman Of Job Yard (Groom)
Errand Boy
Engineer Out Of Employ
Engineer (Art)
Engine Fitter At Works