Bather in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Bather
Joseph Bather
Thomas Bather
William Bather
Edward Bather
Richard Bather
James Bather
Benjamin Bather
George Bather
Henry Bather
Samuel Bather
Charles Bather
Alfred Bather
Evan Bather
Arthur Bather
Frederick Bather
Nathanael Bather
Lloyd Bather
Benjamen Bather
Absolom Bather
Walter Bather
Sydney Bather
Frederic Bather
Robert Bather
Edwd. Bather
Nelson Bather
David Bather
Moses Bather
Jesse Bather
Alexander Bather
Solomon Bather
Ewen Bather
Rowland Bather
Edwin Bather

Top female forenames

Mary Bather
Sarah Bather
Elizabeth Bather
Margaret Bather
Jane Bather
Kate Bather
Ellen Bather
Emma Bather
Annie Bather
Eliza Bather
Phillis Bather
Alice Bather
Charlotte Bather
Frances Bather
Rhoda Bather
Ann Bather
Emily Bather
Gwen Bather
Theresa Bather
Catherine Bather
Caroline Bather
Sophia Bather
Lydia Bather
Anne Bather
Louisa Bather
Hannah Bather
Martha Bather
Maria Bather
Catharine Bather
Margth. Bather
Florance Bather
Susan Bather
Betsey Bather
Maggie Bather
Fanny Bather
Lucy Bather
Evaline Bather
Lomfort Bather
Ada Bather
Nancy Bather
Isabella Bather
Constance Bather
Marian Bather
Francis Bather
Marha Bather
Florence Bather
Susanna Bather
Flora Bather
Beatrice Bather
Evelyn Bather

Top occupations

Farmers Son
Ag Lab
Railway Clerk
Farm Servant (Indoor)
General Servant (Dom)
Coal Miner
Spinner (Worsted)
General Servant
Boiler Maker
Farmers Wife
General Labourer
Gas Fitter
Furnaceman (Iron)
Formerly Laundress
Farmer 84 Acres (Employing 4 Labourers 1 Boy)
Farmer Of 140 Acres Employing 4 Men
Farmer Of 22 Acres
Farmer Of 40 Acres
Footman Dom Servt
Farmers Daur
Farmer Of 47 Acres Employing (3 Men)
Worsted Weaver
Dress Maker
Agl Laborer
Agr Lab
Boot Clicker
Butchers Assistant
Candle Maker
Coachmans Wife
Corn Millers Clerk
Cottager & Labourer
Cowman (Ag Lab)
Dock Lab
Dom Coachman
Domestic Servant
Drapers Assistant