Bathurst in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Bathurst
William Bathurst
Charles Bathurst
Henry Bathurst
James Bathurst
George Bathurst
Thomas Bathurst
Alfred Bathurst
Joseph Bathurst
Richard Bathurst
Arthur Bathurst
Frederick Bathurst
Frank Bathurst
Algernon Bathurst
Walter Bathurst
Ernest Bathurst
Harry Bathurst
Edward Bathurst
Fredrick Bathurst
Allen Bathurst
Robert Bathurst
Herbert Bathurst
Wm. Bathurst
Lancelot Bathurst
Fredk. Bathurst
Albert Bathurst
Oliver Bathurst
Edwin Bathurst
Launcelot Bathurst
Sydney Bathurst
Bartholomew Bathurst
Lacey Bathurst
Stephen Bathurst
Felton Bathurst
Rowland Bathurst
Jms. Bathurst
Horatio Bathurst
Ephraim Bathurst
Pearce Bathurst
Ellen Bathurst
Norman Bathurst
Nelson Bathurst
Gilbert Bathurst
Thos.S. Bathurst
David Bathurst
Lillian Bathurst
Geo. Bathurst
Syril Bathurst
Charle Bathurst
Stuart Bathurst

Top female forenames

Mary Bathurst
Elizabeth Bathurst
Sarah Bathurst
Eliza Bathurst
Alice Bathurst
Emma Bathurst
Catherine Bathurst
Clara Bathurst
Jane Bathurst
Ann Bathurst
Charlotte Bathurst
Harriet Bathurst
Edith Bathurst
Julia Bathurst
Sophia Bathurst
Kate Bathurst
Annie Bathurst
Amelia Bathurst
Louisa Bathurst
Ethel Bathurst
Caroline Bathurst
Florence Bathurst
Emily Bathurst
Martha Bathurst
Margaret Bathurst
Fanny Bathurst
Ellen Bathurst
Eleanor Bathurst
Hannah Bathurst
Ada Bathurst
Georgiana Bathurst
Susan Bathurst
Evelyn Bathurst
May Bathurst
J. Bathurst
Elizebeth Bathurst
Matilda Bathurst
Anna Bathurst
Henrietta Bathurst
Maria Bathurst
Georgina Bathurst
Susanah Bathurst
Cleilia Bathurst
Frances Bathurst
Stanley Bathurst
Cecilia Bathurst
Lavinia Bathurst
Rosanah Bathurst
Oiolet Bathurst
Beatrice Bathurst

Top occupations

Porters Son
Ag Lab
General Labourer
No Occupation
Domestic Servant
Carpenter Daughter
Carver & Gilder
Juvenile Outfitter (Tailor)
Law Student
Draper & Clothier
Scholar Student
Boat Builder
Drapers Assistant
Earls Daughter Lady
Draper & Clothier Wife
Cabinet Maker
Coal Miner
Collar Maker
Ag Lab Wife
Domestic Serv (D)
Brass Finisher
Boy 1 Cls
Zinc Worker
Brewers Foreman
Carmans Lab
Barrister Not In Practice
Barrister At Law
Carpenter Wife
C S Clerk Engineering Department P O (C S Off)
Barman (Innkeeper)
Architects Articled Clerk
Archdeacon Of Bedford & Vicar Of B'wade
Builder Employing 5 Men 1 Boy
Bricklayers Laborer