Battell in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Battell
Edward Battell
George Battell
Charles Battell
Robert Battell
Edgar Battell
Arthur Battell
Frederick Battell
Walter Battell
James Battell
Henry Battell
Frank Battell
Joseph Battell
Benjamin Battell
Jno.C. Battell
Amos Battell
Hezekiah Battell
Abram Battell
Harry Battell
Ezra Battell
Enoch Battell
Levi Battell
Boaz Battell
John Battell
Alfred Battell
Ernest Battell
Thomas Battell
Richard Battell

Top female forenames

Mary Battell
Emma Battell
Louisa Battell
Harriet Battell
Alice Battell
Sarah Battell
Ann Battell
Kate Battell
Jane Battell
Caroline Battell
Annie Battell
Lydia Battell
Agatha Battell
Julia Battell
Ada Battell
Isabella Battell
Susannah Battell
Ellen Battell
Minnie Battell
Charlotte Battell
Carline Battell
Margaret Battell
Lucy Battell
Agnes Battell
Adelaide Battell
Theodicia Battell
Susan Battell
Emily Battell
Rose Battell
Clara Battell
Maud Battell
Maria Battell

Top occupations

Ag Dairyman
Pupil Teacher
Moulder (Iron)
Learner Mantell Making
Licensed Victular
Midwife (S M S)
Late Farm Bailiffe
Machinist Shirt
Oil And Colourman 2 Boys
Painters Wife
Office Boy (Emo)
Shoe Maker Journeyman
Shopman Gen
Telegraph Clerk
Ladies Maid
Housemaid Dom Serv
Certificated Governess (Sch Mstr)
Carpenter & Joiner
Bycycle Manufacturer
Boot & Shoe Mkr
Assists Mother (Genl Shop)
Agricultural Laborer
Coachmans Wife
General Shop Dealer
General Laborer
Farmer & Draughtsman
Engineer At Works (Mkn 10/1)
Dress Maker
Dock Labourer
Constable Wife
Constable Metropolitan Police
Ag Lab Shepherd