Battley in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Battley
John Battley
Arthur Battley
Henry Battley
George Battley
Charles Battley
Richard Battley
Alfred Battley
Frederick Battley
James Battley
Edwin Battley
Joseph Battley
Robert Battley
Ernest Battley
Edward Battley
Albert Battley
Walter Battley
Rochfort Battley
Geo. Battley
Frank Battley
Louis Battley
Chester Battley
Infant Battley
Horace Battley
Sidney Battley
Mark Battley
Joshua Battley
Johnathan Battley
Archibald Battley
Horatio Battley
Herbert Battley
Harry Battley

Top female forenames

Mary Battley
Sarah Battley
Annie Battley
Jane Battley
Elizabeth Battley
Hannah Battley
Maria Battley
Ada Battley
Edith Battley
Harriet Battley
Emma Battley
Ann Battley
Eliza Battley
Alice Battley
Amelia Battley
Emily Battley
Lilley Battley
Susannah Battley
Laura Battley
Clissy Battley
Rose Battley
Bessie Battley
Polly Battley
Gertrude Battley
Amy Battley
Marion Battley
Margaret Battley
Ellinn Battley
Louise Battley
Lora Battley
Eileth Battley
Lilain Battley
Constance Battley
Kate Battley
Blanch Battley
Priscilla Battley
Helena Battley
Beatrice Battley
Minnie Battley
Martha Battley
Francis Battley
Lydia Battley
Ellen Battley
Louisa Battley

Top occupations

Farmers Son
Ag Lab
Domestic Servant
Builders Clerk
Labourer General
Labourer (Gen)
Income From Funds And Landed Property
Grocer Wife
General Smith
General Laborer Unemployed
Letter Carrier
Sailors Wife
Proprietor Of Houses
Police Officer
Pensioner 6 Acres
Ostler (8)
Moulder (Iron)
Mariners Wife
Linen Factory Hand
Gardener (Dom)
Formerly Wardrobe Keeper
Coml Clk Tobacco Brokers Organist In Fetcham Church
Clerk To Chemical Co
Chemist Dispensers Assistant
Chemical Manufacturer
Builder (62 Men & 4 Boys)
Brush Maker
Asst War. Woking Convict Prison
Wood Turner
Contractor And Builder
Cook (D)
Formerly Servant Wife
Formerly Servant (Agent)
Finisher (W Cloth)
File Cutter
Dyer In Woollen Trade
Costume Folder Milliner
Cop Packer