Bauer in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

Joseph Bauer
Charles Bauer
William Bauer
Louis Bauer
Frederick Bauer
George Bauer
Jacob Bauer
Christian Bauer
Philip Bauer
John Bauer
Adolphus Bauer
Herbert Bauer
Ernest Bauer
Heinrich Bauer
Edward Bauer
Emil Bauer
Harry Bauer
Julius Bauer
Fredk. Bauer
Albert Bauer
Frank Bauer
Robert Bauer
Philipp Bauer
Pauline Bauer
Harold Bauer
Maurice Bauer
Gotlieb Bauer
Karl Bauer
Germain Bauer
C. Bauer
Fredk.Wm. Bauer
Augustus Bauer
Johannes Bauer
Rudolphus Bauer
Allan Bauer
James Bauer
Franz Bauer
Rudolf Bauer
Agustus Bauer
Hugh Bauer
Feler Bauer
Phillip Bauer
Henry Bauer
Conrad Bauer
Otto Bauer
Gustave Bauer
Chas. Bauer
Gilbert Bauer
Carl Bauer
Wm.Fred Bauer

Top female forenames

Mary Bauer
Florence Bauer
Gertrude Bauer
Sarah Bauer
Elizabeth Bauer
Maria Bauer
Alice Bauer
Ellen Bauer
Ada Bauer
Edith Bauer
Louisa Bauer
Grace Bauer
Emily Bauer
Rhoda Bauer
Ethel Bauer
Henriette Bauer
Valentine Bauer
Margaretta Bauer
Hedwig Bauer
Sophia Bauer
Eliza Bauer
Malfita Bauer
Harriet Bauer
Rosa Bauer
Christina Bauer
Lavinia Bauer
Frederiske Bauer
Pauline Bauer
Cecilia Bauer
Katherine Bauer
Mine Bauer
Bertha Bauer
Julia Bauer
Erocestina Bauer
Anne Bauer
Johanna Bauer
Marre Bauer
Amy Bauer
Jane Bauer
Virginia Bauer
Emertine Bauer
Margratha Bauer
Adele Bauer
Henrietta Bauer
Susanna Bauer
Margaret Bauer
Harriett Bauer
Sebille Bauer
Eleanor Bauer
Magdalena Bauer

Top occupations

Pork Butcher
Manufacturer Of Bakers & Confectioners Mixing Maker
Journeyman Baker
Domestic Servant
Master Baker
General Servant Domestic
Governess (School)
General Servant Dom & Organ Manufacturer
General Servant
Housemaid Domestic
Innkeeper (Beerseller)
Master Watch Maker
Master Baker Employ 1 Man 1 Boy
Master Baker (Employs 2 Men)
Marqueteric Inlayer
Manufacturing Perfumer Employing 10 People
Manufacturer Of Bakers & Confectioners Mixing Makers Employing 8 Men 3 Boys
Ladysmaid Domestic Servant
Keeping Refreshment Shop
General Merchant
Gen Domestic Serv
Fur Dyer
Companion (Dom)
Commercial Clerk Watch Smith
Commercial Clerk Iron & Steel Trade
Club Steward Unemployed
Clerk London Docks (Cargo Ledger Office)
Cabinet Maker
Bakers Son
Baker (Master)
Wife Of A Pedlar
Dealer In Raw Materials For Manufacture Of Chemical M... Guausile
Fancy Bead Worker
Engine Fitter Locomotive
Drapers Asst
Domestic Serv Gen
Domestic Serv
Doctor Of Medicine