Baumann in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Rudolph Baumann
Charles Baumann
C. Baumann
Alfred Baumann
Benjamin Baumann
August Baumann
Pierre Baumann
Andreas Baumann
Louis Baumann
Albert Baumann
J.D. Baumann
Henrich Baumann
Frederick Baumann
Theodore Baumann
Simon Baumann
Augustus Baumann
Robert Baumann
Arthur Baumann
Marks Baumann
Karl Baumann
Adolph Baumann
J. Baumann
Heinrich Baumann
Frank Baumann
Walter Baumann
Carl Baumann
Stanley Baumann

Top female forenames

Ida Baumann
Elizabeth Baumann
Louisa Baumann
Ellen Baumann
Marie Baumann
Desiree Baumann
Lucy Baumann
Clara Baumann
Lena Baumann
Alice Baumann
Jessy Baumann
Susan Baumann
Hannah Baumann
Sarah Baumann
Fanny Baumann
Pauline Baumann
Emily Baumann
Mary Baumann
Maria Baumann
Constance Baumann
Annie Baumann
Kate Baumann
Adelia Baumann
Jane Baumann
Victorine Baumann
Helen Baumann
Sibyl Baumann
Francis Baumann
Rose Baumann
Evelyn Baumann
Moory Baumann

Top occupations

Schoolmaster London University M A
Seamans Wife
Ship Broker
Student at R.A. College
Turner Wood
Saeaman M S
No Occupation
B.A.Law Student (Oxon)
Bank Manager (Service)
Clerk East India Trade
Cook (N D)
Export & Merchants Clerk
Gen Lab Chelsea Pensr
General Merchant
Hat Manufacturer
Journeyman Tailor
Lodging House Keeper
Wife Of Ship Broker