Baumgartner in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Baumgartner
Charles Baumgartner
Percy Baumgartner
H. Baumgartner
Albert Baumgartner
Robt.J. Baumgartner
Marie Baumgartner
Henry Baumgartner
Wilfred Baumgartner

Top female forenames

Helen Baumgartner
Eliza Baumgartner
Violet Baumgartner
Grace Baumgartner
Emma Baumgartner
Anna Baumgartner
Alice Baumgartner
Sarah Baumgartner
Mary Baumgartner
Ethel Baumgartner
Amy Baumgartner
Phillippa Baumgartner
Juliet Baumgartner

Top occupations

(Widow Of M.D.)
Tin Plate Worker
Student Of Physical Science (Sch)
Student Of Med Univ Of Dham
Manufr Of Chem Proprietor Of Polishing Powder
Magestrate Mc from London
Leiut General Unattached (Army Offr)
Governess Private (Teacher)
Genl Practr M R C S L S A
Art Student